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Developers take on a crucial role in eCommerce as they create websites that can determine how successful a brand or platform will become. It all comes down to skill, time, and having the right tools to build a site that stands out for all the right reasons.

After all, there are more than 26 million eCommerce websites in the world. And as if having all that competition weren’t enough, outlooks on UK retail and eCommerce sales in 2023 are showing a downward turn as shoppers go back to pre-pandemic habits. Additionally, the cost of living crisis will slow the growth of online businesses, only going by 2.3 per cent. 

Thankfully, there are tools that make the start of a daunting journey much easier for developers. Before you even start coding and building your site, it’s a good idea to tie all back to the name of the platform. With a business name generator, you can get the ball rolling and enable yourself to focus on other aspects that need attention. There are a few simple yet very beneficial ways a business name generator helps launch the developer journey for eCommerce. 

1. Sorting Out Domain Availability

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One of the core aspects necessary for a business to be eCommerce-ready is securing a domain. For developers, this is a determining factor when figuring out web hosting. Why build a site if it’s not even going to be registered properly? 

While the developer mainly focuses on creating the foundation of an eCommerce site, it’s impractical to get this process started without actually having a domain. A business name generator will automatically check out available domains when generating its list of suggestions, so it’s a great way to register right away once you’ve pinpointed the name you prefer. There are also filters that can be applied so that you can choose between different domain extensions depending on your location and intent. 

2. Cuts Down Production Time

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It can take time to build a good eCommerce website. Developers have to handle many aspects in website development, from implementing online shopping functions to building a front-end user interface that is responsive and reliable. With a business name generator, you speed up the initial time necessary to get branding materials together, making it easier for developers to take their time and perfect the site. 

When you look at some of the best platforms for eCommerce, the running thread between them is user experience. If you are able to provide an intuitive site with secure and fast transactions, you get more conversions. For developers, this is only realistically achievable with enough time dedicated to the optimisation phase. You cannot simply launch a site that isn’t properly optimized as this puts you at a security risk and potentially alienates consumers that visit the platform. 

3. Helps Solidify Branding

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Having a solid brand out of the gate is essential so that developers have something to work with. With a business name generator, you can hone in on keywords that are relevant to the brand. Whether you’re a business owner or developer, this is keen insight into the market. It basically feeds the creative process that will lead into the actual website building. 

It’s a basic resources that simplifies the crucial part of the development process when building a website. After all, you can’t just put random assets and build from scratch without any brand direction. On average, 60% of startups fail in the UK, and a large factor in this is brand visibility. Whether your site is for a niche audience or a saturated market, you’ll want to start things right with a solid name and brand identity. 

4. SEO Improvement

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One of the non-negotiables for developers building eCommerce sites in 2023 is SEO. This is how you get improved visibility, effective content, and most importantly, long-term engagement and conversions. A business name generator uses AI algorithms that take best SEO practices into account, essentially enabling developers to have SEO baked in from the very beginning. A total of 56% of consumers today are willing to forgo brand loyalty for a good deal, so it’s worth getting those crucial keywords, site structures, URL building, and on-page optimisation to reach the audience and get them to click. 

Once the development process has begun, it’s then easier to focus on other key aspects for SEO like site navigation, content marketing, and page speed. It’s also important to focus on mobile responsiveness, as mCommerce has become a huge part of eCommerce as a whole.