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What is an API?

An application programming interface (API) is a set of rules defined through a program code that enable communication between one computer or software and another. APIs are used for daily purposes such as sending a message using a phone, checking news feeds updates on Facebook, or checking the weather using your phone or any other smart device. An API works by taking a request from an application, connecting to a server through the internet, then taking the feedback from the server to the user.

API Development

API development is the process of creating an application programming interface to allow the transfer of data between applications to achieve a particular purpose. When developing an application, instead of having in-built APIs that enable them to perform the required tasks, it is advisable to use an API from a third party to ensure stability, scalability, and maximum efficiency.

What is a Custom API?

A custom API is an API that has been highly personalized to perform a particular action. Custom API developers use the most efficient practices to enable custom APIs to have exemplary performance. Therefore, custom APIs allow developers to implement different capabilities in their systems without writing code for them by using custom APIs.

What to Check for in an API


APIs are supposed to solve a problem and do it well. A good API should do just that; solve a complex problem using the most straightforward way and avoid any undue complexity. When developing an API, developers should focus on the primary purpose and avoid the temptation of adding new features, as they make APIs more difficult.

Consistency and predictability

When building an API, developers need to consider that the code will be read by other developers integrating it into their systems. Consistency in the code improves its readability, enabling faster customization and integration. A predictable API is easy to use, thereby attracting more users.

Comprehensive documentation

Documentation is one of the essential parts of development as it informs users how to use the API. An API with poor documentation is hard to use, regardless of the quality and simplicity of its code. Comprehensive documentation describing how the API works and integrating and using it promotes its user experience.

Types of APIs

Open APIs

These are publicly available APIs that any developer can use. They may be available for free or may require a subscription fee. Open APIs have minimal restrictions and authentication requirements. Consequently, they are suitable for businesses as they allow easy data sharing.

Partner APIs

These are APIs whose access is limited to particular companies that have a partnership with the API owner. These APIs are used by companies that need to restrict access to their resources for security or other reasons. Therefore, using these APIs, a company controls who can access their data and how it can be used.

Private APIs

These APIs are created for internal use within a company. Third-party developers, therefore, have no access to them, and they remain hidden from the public domain. Private APIs are crucial for offering secure and efficient operations since only a few people have access to it.

Composite APIs

These are combinations of various APIs that allow developers to make multiple calls to different servers and receive a combined response. These APIs are suitable for making a chain of calls enabling accessing data from various sources at a go. However, they may offer a reduced loading and response speed due to their complexity and making multiple requests.

API Protocols


Representation State Transfer (REST) is an architectural standard used to develop systems on the web. A RESTful API is an API built while adhering to the REST standards. For example, it uses HTTP requests such as GET, POST, PUT and DELETE to make requests and receive responses. RESTful APIs are popular because they are lightweight, flexible, and easy to integrate.


The simple object access protocol is a messaging protocol used to exchange data in a distributed and decentralized environment. This protocol supports most communication protocols, including HTTP, TCP, and SMTP. It is highly structured and has well-stipulated standards that reduce its flexibility. However, it is style-independent, allowing developers to add functionality easily.


The Remote Procedural Call is the earliest and the least complex API for sending parameters and receiving results. It is as basic as executing a block of code or calling a function in any language. It supports the development of APIs in two languages, XML and JSON. APIs developed using XML are called XML-RPC, while those developed using JSON are called JSON-RPC.

What is API as a Service?

API as a service is availing a third-party API to users to integrate with their systems. An API as a service provider provides a platform where the users can incorporate an API into their systems. For example, the Google Maps API helps you to display a map into your system using Google’s resources.

API Development Services with FortySeven.

FortySeven Software Developers offer custom API development and integration services for third-party APIs. Our dedicated team of developers has vast experience with API protocols such as SOAP, REST, and RPC to give your application a seamless integration with APIs. We are committed to enabling you to reach your business goals by being your development partner in API development and integration for any business need.

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Custom API development and Integration at FortySeven

We offer custom API development services highly optimized to meet your business needs, such as data sharing, microservices, communication, and management. We also integrate third-party APIs to enable your systems to interact with other systems flawlessly. For instance, we offer integration services for all the major payment gateways API such as PayPal, enabling your systems to handle payments effortlessly.

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