Energy Trading and Risk Management (ETRM)

At FSSP we can help you to design and build an ETRM system to meet the specific needs of your business. An ETRM system typically includes features for managing and tracking energy trading activities, such as, market data and analytics, trading and scheduling, risk management and hedging, accounting and reporting.

Expertise in ETRM

At FSSP we have a number of clients for whom we built a custom ETRM system. We know perfectly hot to deal with this challenging expertise due to our 16+ years of experience working in regulated markets. Our specialists have a deep understanding of the energy industry, including market trends, regulations, and industry best practices, they built it using modern software development methodologies and technologies. As ETRM systems often deal with large amounts of data, including market data, trading data, and risk data, our specialists have experience with databases and data analysis tools, such as SQL and others. And of course, as a part of the process, ETRM system may need to be integrated with other business systems, such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) systems. Our IT specialists have great experience with integration technologies, such as APIs and middleware, and they can build end-to-end bespoke solution.

Our Approach

ETRM helps energy companies and utilities manage and mitigate risks associated with the buying and selling of energy commodities (oil, gas). These systems can provide a variety of benefits, including improved efficiency, enhanced risk management, increased transparency, better compliance, improved decision making. Throughout all the process, our specialists will guide you and provide you with best practices to fulfil your primary goals.

Benefits of ETRM

1. Records all transactions

ETRM keeps a record of all day-to-day transactions. As energy enterprises buy and sell energy commodities on a large scale, it is manually impossible to keep all transactions in one place. That's where ETRM comes as a beneficial solution. It ensures that the data is always current and updated.

2. Offers a controlled environment

With ETRM, risks and potential problems are figured out beforehand. This way, business processes are streamlined. ETRM allows coming up with the solutions beforehand. This way, it offers a controlled business environment.

3. Reduces the costs of manual operations

With most day-to-day operations handled by CTRM, the cost of manual operations reduces largely. It further helps in the increase of productivity, and thus, businesses enjoy higher profits and ROI.

4. Automation and time-efficient practices

CTRM offers automated operations and helps in adopting efficient practices. This does not only ease day-to-day task management but proves to be very beneficial in the long run. This enables companies to follow new energy trends and make the most out of market opportunities.

5. Allows risk management activities

ETRM helps in risk management activities greatly. It helps in making a solid strategy to eliminate risk and perform important risk scans on time. Also, it helps deal with the risks by diversifying the supply portfolio. Again, energy companies can ensure lesser risk by following market trends and opportunities for which, ETRM acts as an important asset.

6. Provides an on-time audit trail

Accurate data entry and updating transactions and records regularly help in providing audit trail on time. This allows for efficient decision making as the energy sector is mostly about making rapid decisions. Keeping in view the supply and demand for energy commodities, the audit trail is also important to deal with legal business aspects.

Where It Is Used

Oil industry

With the help of ETRM, oil industry can increase their value chain and make on-time oil supplies.


Refineries that refine energy resources can use ETRM for monitoring and delivery purposes.


Gas industry

Gas industries can deploy ETRM software to automate their daily business processes.

Electric power industry

ETRM can help electric power industries to meet commercial electric demand on time and a lot more!

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