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FortySeven Response to COVID-19

To meet the global challenge of COVID-19, the world must come together. FortySeven has the expertise to help your business efficiently went through a global crisis.

About Our Company

FortySeven Software Professionals, founded in 2006, is one of the most prominent software development service providers in the IT industry.

Scalable Software Engineering

FortySeven provides a high standard of software development services for our global clients spanning a wide range of industries.

Advanced Methodologies

FortySeven’ developers and teams use advanced technologies and implement many years of expertise to customize services for our customers' needs.

Adjustable Engagement Models

FortySeven offers flexible developers to meet your divergent needs and create a positive impact on their rapidly evolving business.

Deep Technology Expertise

FortySeven’ industry knowledge allows us to deliver solutions that solve business challenges in 40+ industries. Working closely with you, we define your needs and devise effective automation tool concepts.


Highly Educated Employees


Successfully Completed Projects


Fields of Expertise


Years Experience of Global IT Outsourcing

News and Insights

IT Services We Provide

Enterprise Software Development Services

Our Enterprise Software Development Services are suitable for companies that require the implementation of modern technologies to run their business effectively. We build, customize, and integrate complex software solutions and business applications.

Custom Software Development Services

We have an individual approach to each project with experience of building and maintaining custom applications for enterprises and growth-stage startups. FortySeven delivers innovative, modern and at the same time practical custom software applications.

Dedicated Software Development Team

FortySeven’ team will help you to shortlist the best matches of IT professionals needed to realize your idea. They are as reliable as your in-house team or even more, because we work with complete transparency and take full responsibility for the results we deliver.

Consulting Services

FortySeven' approach to consulting services is based on practice and result implementation that move your business forward and make it possible to scale up. We develop the most effective course of action and the technology solution that accelerate your strategy.

Audit Services

Audit services can help you to understand various aspects of your business. Conducting an audit at the proper time can help you to reveal issues before they went into big failures. We deliver high-quality audit services to assist your needs and help you in achieving business objectives and improving business performance.

Outsourcing Services

We provide the ability to hire great professionals without having to pay high price and taxes. You receive the full control over the software development process. You can always make changes, it’s significant flexibility in increasing or decreasing the number of dedicated employees you hire.

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Industry Expertise

and FinTech

Technological breakthroughs have transformed our world and stirred up several institutions to disregard century-old methods of communication and workings. We know both how to help existing financial institutions to be modern and follow regulatory guidelines (PSD2), and how to create an innovative and competitive Digital Bank.

and Utilities

The future of the energy industry is set to be transformed by technological innovations that drive towards a more convenient, efficient and ecological infrastructure. FortySeven can provide specific expertise, so that monitor energy and utility data will tailor for predictive maintenance and automated operations optimization.

and Gas

The dynamic process of Digitalization is taking place in the Oil and Gas sector. To successfully operate and keep customers satisfied, trends in the oil and gas industry have become highly innovative and advanced. Over a decade we are helping many companies from this industry to take benefits from using ETRM, CRM, ERP, DMS and digitalyzing their legacy systems.

and Retails

In the time of the eCommerce bloom, information became even more valuable currency in a fight for every customer. Online shopping has increased dramatically over the past year, and it’s obvious now that with the implementation of right IT solutions for the eCommerce and Retail industry, the business profit will grow significantly.

Healtcare and Medical

Within a decade implementing ML and AI will fundamentally reshape the healthcare landscape. Healthcare leaders can use ML and AI to reimagine new processes rather than simply automating existing one. At FortySeven we have a current expertise to create and implement such solutions that will help to automate the processes and increase efficiency.

Insurance & Risks Management

This a new adapted term used to distinguish between the traditional risk management concept and the newer practice of enterprise risk management (ERM). Our experienced IT professionals know how to identify, analyze and manage possible range of business and individual risk.Our knowledge includes the assessment, design and implementation of insurance strategies, including the document management systems that eliminates and reduces possible risks for companies.

Solutions We Deliver

Technologies Trends that Innovate Your Business

Artificial Intelligence

Big Data Analytics

Machine Learning

Robotic Process Automation

Augmented Reality

Computer Vision

Internet of Things

Cyber Security

Clients Success Stories

Procurement Management System
The Document Management System (DMS) Mobile Client)
Salesforce-Based Cloud CRM Solution
.Net Core File System Watcher and Sqlite Wrapper Components to Manage Skype Conversations
Laboratory and Clinical Data Analysis Tools
CAD Mobile Client – App for a Computer-Aided Design System

Key Development Stack

Enterprise Development

.NET Software Development .NET
C++ Software Development C++
PHP Software Development PHP
Java Software Development Java
C# Software Development C#
JavaScript Software Development JavaScript

Web Development

Laravel Software Development Laravel
Kotlin Software Development Kotlin
React Software Development React
Node JS Software Development Node JS
Angular Software Development Angular
Groovy Software Development Groovy

Mobile Development

Android App Development Android
IoS App Development IoS
Xamarin App Development Xamarin
Adobe Phone Gap Adobe Phone Gap
Cordova App Development Cordova
QT App Development QT

Cloud Development

AWS Development AWS
Azure Development Azure
Rackspace Development Rackspace
Heroku Development Heroku
Google Cloud Development Google Cloud
WebLogic Server Development WebLogic Server

Database Development

MySQL Development MySQL
Redis Development Redis
CouchBD Development CouchBD
Oracle Development Oracle
MongoBD Development MongoBD
PostgreSQL Development PostgreSQL

How We Work


Contact us, share your ideas and expectations. Remember, that we have all the necessary tools to bring meaningful change in your project.


According to your requirements and business objectives, we’ll define the fundamental plan and suggest the number of professionals with the current expertise, you are looking for.


Together we discuss the details and choose the best engagement model, so that you’ll have the total control over project from start to finish. We work closely to create synergy, applying our benefits of personalization, scalability and cost-effectiveness.


Full control over Intellectual Property Rights

Deep business and technology expertise

Up to 24-hours management supply according to chosen engagement model

Full participation and control over the whole development process.

Successful outcome and business augmentation.

Why Choose Us?

Our Global Presence

For more than a decade, FortySeven Software Professionals have been advising F500 companies and growth-stage startups from all over the world.

Our highly educated IT professionals with several languages at their disposal overcome geographic, language and cultural barriers, and accurately communicate across software development processes. Our talent pool is opening new horizons in finding rare expertise combined with a deep technical knowledge.

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