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What is IT Outsourcing

IT outsourcing is using external service companies to provide and deliver IT outsourcing services to businesses and providing custom software for businesses. IT outsourcing includes cloud solutions, support solutions, and web development. However, outsourcing companies are committed to developing sourcing strategies. When it comes to businesses, outsourcing is a good option if your in-house team isn't working or you need industry expertise to work on a particular project for you. Outsourcing also allows businesses and companies to take advantage of intellectual property, speed up product time to market, and save costs.

What is the difference between outsourcing and outstaffing

Outstaffing is telecommuting where a company is hired to perform all the tasks, and this hiring is done by another company's in-house staff, also known as an outsourcing agency. Then, in this case, an outsourcing company acts as the employer and is responsible for employee wages, resources and bonuses.

While on the other hand, an IT outsourcing company works on project-based tasks to provide cloud and custom solutions by a client entrusting an entire project to an outsourcing company. In outsourcing, clients don't have the opportunity to develop in an in-house team to themselves. The main difference between outstaffing and outsourcing is that outstaffing provides an opportunity for hiring and managing employees while outsourcing provides access to entire project support.

What are the benefits of IT outsourcing

Reduced development expenses

IT outsourcing is beneficial for business transformation and growth because it helps to convert fixed to variable costs by allowing you to budget effectively. In outsourcing, you only pay for the service you need. In the case where you need mobile app development, you will also have to hire an outsourced company with specialized knowledge and pay them.

Save on development time

Outsourcing enables you to have a product ready in the minimum time possible. You do not have to worry about advertising for developers, shortlisting candidates, or interviewing and training employees to get your product ready. You will therefore save significant time getting your software product ready.

Access to the best talents

One of the benefits of hiring an IT outsourcing company is that their IT department and top talented developers are qualified, certified, trained and experienced. This is important because it gives you peace of mind on your web design or other IT projects.

Increase Efficiency and Competitiveness

An IT outsourcing company is also beneficial because it allows you to do an effective project. But suppose you try to do all the IT outsourcing services yourself because of your company's technical expertise. In that case, it may lead to ineffective mobile applications, custom software services, or infrastructure services.

Reduce Labor Costs

Hiring qualified and certified IT staff to your company can be very expensive, and if you employ them for temporary positions, they are likely to disappoint at any time. But with the option of IT outsourcing services, you can outsource your project once and continue the ones your team can handle.

Stay Focused on Your Core Business

Hiring an IT outsourcing provider also gives you the same or better benefits as doing it yourself if you hire an IT staff. However, in cases where your company only needs the service of an IT service provider once in a while, then choosing industry expertise will help you focus on your business goal and not get distracted.

Quickly Implement New Technology

Unlike trying to do things yourself, hiring an experienced and talented software developer is beneficial because they have all the tools and expertise needed. This is essential because it will save you the stress of purchasing tools you don't need and save money in the process.

Reduce risk

Every company or business has one or two risks regarding investment, especially in markets, technologies, government policies, and technologies. But if you choose to hire an outsourcing company, they will help you reduce risk by implementing industry knowledge in network security.

What outsourcing models do we use?

Staff augmentation

In this model, our team of developers collaborates with your in-house developers to build the software. We ensure seamless collaboration and teamwork to enable the development of high-quality solutions. This model allows us to complement your developers with the necessary skills to improve our solutions’ quality.

The dedicated team model

In this model, our team of developers takes the major development role in overseeing the project. This model enables you to benefit from the services of our skilled developers working under your instructions and leadership

The Project-based model

In this model, we take over the entire software development process and deliver a fully-developed software solution to you. This model lets you sit back and focus on other responsibilities as we do all the hard work to provide the software solution you need.  

Our expertise

At FortySeven, we hire highly qualified experts in various domains from both local and international marketplace to deliver outstanding software solutions. As a leading outsourcing company, we combine our experience and expertise in software development, analytics, market research, and other fields to give you value for your time and money. We also invest in grasping new technologies as they arise to keep us afloat on the most effective development processes.

What makes us your best outsourcing partner

Access to advanced skills and expertise

Our development teams comprise some of the most talented developers in various domains. We are committed to exploring the most effective development practices and skills to develop products that will give your firm value for money.

Cost-friendly software solutions

We understand that outsourcing calls for the development of optimized solutions at lower prices. Our rates are friendly to allow your firm to acquire high-quality software without straining your budget.

A keen eye for quality and security

We value the need for performance, efficiency, and safety when developing software solutions as third-party providers. We incorporate advanced performance features in our software products to ensure that our clients do not compromise on quality from poorly designed systems. We also handle our client’s data in strict compliance with NDAs and IP protection policies to avoid any data breaches.

Fast delivery

When it comes to on-time delivery, we pride ourselves on giving our customers excellent solutions within record time. Over time, we have adopted advanced development practices to speed up the development process and get your product to the market as soon as possible.

IT outsourcing Services at FortySeven

At fortySeven, we understand that technology isn't as easy as it looks. Especially when it comes to developing outsourcing IT services to businesses, many things can go wrong if not properly done. That's why at FortySeven, we use our remote methodologies to provide IT-managed services to companies and businesses.

We help businesses through our IT operations by taking care of the backups to security updates and everything to ensure you don't have any hassles whatsoever. Our intelligent software developers offer this service by customizing budgets that fit our customers' project requirements. Our IT team is experienced in all technology fields, so helping our clients with all their IT projects is something we do without wasting time because of our years of experience.

Outsourcing services                    we provide

  • Software application development:
  • Web development
  • Technical support
  • Integration and maintenance services
  • Database development and management

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Innovative technologies in this service

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML)

AI is redefining software development due to its application in various fields globally. We make use of AI and machine learning (ML) to develop smart solutions for multiple services in the marketplace.

Big data

big data enables extracting insights from structured and unstructured data to help in decision-making, market forecasts, analyzing customer behaviors, and other uses. We leverage big data technology to enable enterprises to create innovative solutions to improve user experience, streamline business operations and facilitate planning and forecasting.

Internet of things (IoT)

As IoT evolves today, its application in developing smart systems is getting more advanced. We equip businesses in the automotive, manufacturing, automotive, and other industries with IoT-powered solutions to optimize their performance and efficiency. We use IoT to create complex analytics and decision-making models to enhance business performance.

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