DevOps is a combination of cultural practices, philosophies, and tools that enhance an organization's ability to provide high-speed applications and services. Our experienced IT specialists will help you to organize and build your software by simplifying IT and applying more automated processes. We provide you with DevOps as a part of software development process as well as a separate service.

Expertise in DevOps

Over a decade we are implementing DevOps practices that help organizations of any size to improve the speed, reliability, and efficiency of their software development and delivery processes, leading to increased competitiveness and customer satisfaction.
We help you to create automation of the build, test, and deployment process, with containerization and microservices, with monitoring and observability, with continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD). At the language of a business owner that means that you will receive faster deployment of code, increase reliability, and will have the opportunity to scale fast.

How We Can Help You

DevOps Assessment

We will analyze the pain points, develop a road map, and suggest the process and tools automate the deployment process across the delivery infrastructure of your software.

DevOps Configuration Management

Our team will assist you in the complete integration of all the functioning of the delivery pipeline automation cycle and ensure that it adapts to the changes in your automated deployment cycle.

DevOps Automation

With the automation of the end-to-end delivery system, we also make sure that your rollbacks and deployments are completed with increased productivity and mitigated risks.

DevOps Cloud Management

The key to the reliable operation of your application is the infrastructure on which it is developed. Our specialists can assist in your business in acquiring the best outcomes from the cloud environment.

Our Approach

Continuous Integration & Delivery

We constantly work in establishing an effective delivery mechanism focusing on effective deployment of software right from the QA to production in an automated manner. Besides, our experts ensure that every change in code proves effective in the deployment of the tool at the defined time.


Release Management

We have a good record of the development of release management processes, which further proved useful in maintaining contacts among every individual of a team involved in offering efficient cooperation channels. Some of the successful development of processes is the introduction of VCS, Release and Delivery Planning Systems, and Project Management systems.

Infrastructure As A Code

We are one of the few reputed names in this industry to follow methodologies like Infrastructure as a Code (IaaC), which further allowed us to have Automated Infrastructures. The best aspect of such methodology is that it provides an automatic provision and coding for successful management.

Continuous Testing

Our approach to continuous testing while offering you the right solution is just meant to design proper code functions and, integrate with other components of the application. This simple approach helps to perform all tests successfully and check errors at all levels.

Continuous Monitoring

Monitoring is the most vital aspect of quality assurance, and so we continuously monitor solutions and services via defining and collecting metrics of your software such as deployments, user activity, log output, and server health. We believe in complete transparency; therefore, we follow a pattern that could allow you and all interested parties to react and share feedback immediately in context to the features being delivered.

Continuous Optimization

We help  you with right assistance in capturing your target audience's behavior or even identify the points right as they run your software and operate different modules. This simple exercise has often proved vital in taking any appropriate and immediate remedy actions that have helped in improving the solution and enhancing user experience.

DevOps Technologies

Configuration mangement

  • ChefChef
  • SaltstackSaltstack
  • PuppetPuppet
  • AnsibleAnsible

Continuous integration

  • JenkinsJenkins
  • CircleciCircleci
  • TeamCityTeamCity
  • CodeshipCodeship


  • DockerDocker
  • MesosMesos
  • ElasticBoxElasticBox
  • TritonTriton


  • TrelloTrello
  • HipChatHipChat
  • Jira SoftwareJira Software
  • SlackSlack


  • GangliaGanglia
  • CactiCacti
  • SnortSnort
  • Monit-logoMonit-logo


  • visual-studiovisual-studio
  • microsoft-azuremicrosoft-azure
  • VagrantVagrant
  • Apache Active MQApache Active MQ

Devops Cloud Technologies

  • awsaws
  • google-cloudgoogle-cloud
  • Microsoft-azureMicrosoft-azure

Describe your project

Reasons To Choose FortySeven

Our development process is the natural evolution of a software process to support today’s changing business environment. We believe that every project should be dealt with a fresh approach. Our industry knowledge allows us to deliver solutions that solve business challenges in 40+ industries. Working closely with you, we define your needs and devise effective automation tool concepts, knowing how to implement these concepts and integrate them according to your specific needs.

More than 12 years of successful global IT outsourcing and our customer’s business augmentation
Business communication
We are compliant with ISO 9001:2015 on Quality management systems and ISO 27001:2013 on Information security management system
Deep Technology Expertise
Our specialists have a vast business and technology expertise and can develop complex solutions
Full IP Control
We transfer full control over Intellectual Property Rights to you each month
We manage projects using software for tracking progress and time. This gives you full control throughout the development process, making progress and billing fully predictable
TOP IT Talent
We have the team of the most talented Software Engineers. We invest in our team, as we consider them our tacit capital. We provide them with continuous and extensive training during their careers

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