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Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)

Scalable data storage with high security and easy management

Amazon S3 Glacier

Long-term secure storage of archive data with minimal financial costs and instant file access with unlimited scalability

Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS)

Block storage service with unlimited scalability for the highest and most demanding workloads

Amazon Elastic File System (EFS)

An automatically scalable file system with payment only for the amount of storage space used

AWS Storage Gateway

Hybrid cloud storage of unlimited size with access for local applications

Amazon FSx

Multifunctional and easily managed file systems with protocols compatible with Linux, Windows and macOS

AWS Backup

A cost-effective and managed service for system AWS file backup with centralized and automatic data protection

CloudEndure Disaster Recovery

Service for disaster and quick recovery of applications from local or cloud storage

Cloud computing

Amazon EC2

Scalable platform with computing and networking services 

Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling

Monitoring, replacing and balancing instances

AWS Lambda

Serverless infrastructure with automated management and payment for computer time used

AWS Elastic Beanstalk

The best way to deploy web applications with automated infrastructure monitoring and configuration

Amazon Lightsail

Virtual private server with simple management and automatic configuration for lightweight websites, internet applications, and business applications

AWS Outposts

Local environment for running applications and workloads

AWS Batch

Manageable batch processing that provides the optimum amount of computing resources

AWS Snow Family

Storing a petabyte of data on AWS in cloud storage or on a hardware device with offline computing

IT infrastructure management

AWS Systems Manager

A comprehensive AWS solution for configuring and managing operations, applications, changes and nodes.

AWS CloudFormation

Service for accelerated allocation of cloud resources thanks to the "infrastructure as code" format

Amazon CloudWatch

A single platform for monitoring and tracking applications and resources on AWS and locally

AWS Trusted Advisor

Service for developers with automatic recommendations for security and performance optimization

AWS Service Catalog

A service for creating an AWS IT product catalog that allows employees to quickly find an approved product

AWS Control Tower

Simple and easy configuration of the AWS environment for multi-accounts


Amazon RDS

A set of services that make managing databases (such as PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, Oracle and SQL Server) easy and straightforward.

Amazon Aurora

Reliable database management system that is fully compatible with MySQL and PostgreSQL

Amazon DynamoDB

Serverless NoSQL database for demanding applications of unlimited scale, with reliable protection and automatic backups

Amazon ElastiCache

In-memory caching service to speed up application performance

Amazon DocumentDB

Robust scalable database with JSON workloads

Amazon Neptune

Fast and reliable service for creating and running graph database applications

Amazon Keyspaces (for Apache Cassandra)

Serverless database service with high performance at any scale. Compatible with Apache Cassandra

Networking and content delivery

Amazon CloudFront

A service that allows content to be compressed for quick delivery to the user via a website or API

Amazon VPC

Virtual environment control, via secure restrictions between web servers, application servers and databases by means of IP addresses and gateways

AWS Transit Gateway

Single gateway for AWS, Amazon VPC and LAN accounts

Amazon Route 53

AWS Cloud Infrastructure Web Service for smart traffic routing

Elastic Load Balancing (ELB)

Service for load balancing between on-premises and cloud resources from incoming network traffic


AWS Key Management Service

One stop shop for creating and managing encryption keys and digital signatures

AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Fine-tune access rights to AWS services for employees and systems

AWS Secrets Manager

A service for users and applications to retrieve data for access via an AWS service API call

AWS Security Hub

Cloud-based service for system security monitoring and automatic error correction


Configuring and managing firewall rules for applications and accounts

AWS Shield

An effective service to protect against DDoS hacker attacks

Amazon Detective

Automatically search for and identify potential threats that could cause security risks


Amazon Redshift

Cloud data storage that analyses petabytes of data

AWS Lake Formation

Fast creation of data lakes with simple security management

Amazon Kinesis

Real-time streaming data analysis and processing service

AWS Glue

Serverless service for simple and automated data integration with scalability

Amazon Elasticsearch Service

A service to simplify the search and analysis of unstructured data of almost unlimited scope

Amazon EMR

A cloud-based platform for running and scaling Apache Spark, Hive, Presto, and other workloads with virtually unlimited data

Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka

Data streaming to simplify real-time processing of event logs

Amazon QuickSight

A lightweight and popular business intelligence service that can be made available to any employee

Machine learning

Amazon SageMaker

Creating a machine learning model of any scale for data scientists and business analysts

Amazon Elastic Inference

GPU as a means of reducing the monetary cost of machine learning

Amazon Forecast

A business results forecasting service that enables effective resource management through machine learning

Amazon Rekognition

Service to analyze a million images and videos in seconds using machine learning

Amazon Comprehend

Machine learning technology processes text documents and extracts information important to you


AWS Migration Hub

Migration from on-premises to the cloud, followed by upgrading

AWS Application Discovery Service

Collection and analysis of information from the local environment with security encryption for data transfer

Migration Evaluator

Ability to detect local instances that should be replaced by alternative instances in order to save money

AWS Database Migration Service

A service for fast and secure migration of databases. During the migration, the original database remains up and running, which means minimal delay to the application

AWS DataSync

Secure and automated data migration from on-premises to cloud storage, through encryption and end-to-end verification

CloudEndure Migration

Advanced technology for cost-saving data migration

AWS Transfer Family

Secure transfer of PCI, PII or HIPAA level files.


Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS)

Automated service for the administration and scaling of containerised applications

Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS)

A container service that helps you quickly and easily run Kubernetes applications both on-premises and in the cloud

Amazon Elastic Container Registry

Container register to optimise workloads with the ability to control against vulnerabilities

AWS Fargate

A serverless kernel to run and deploy Internet applications, APIs and pay-per-use microservices

AWS App2Container

A tool to migrate Java and .NET web docs to a container format from the cloud or a local environmentA tool to migrate Java and .NET web docs to a container format from the cloud or a local environment

Application integration

Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS)

A service to filter and batch send notifications "from application to user" via SMS, email or push notification.

Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS)

Control and management of message queues with any bandwidth for large data volumes

Amazon MQ

Message exchange between platforms using APIs and protocols which, due to their standards, allow easy migration to AWS

AWS Step Functions

A visual service where developers can graphically display business processes and process data using machine learning

Amazon AppFlow

A service for transferring data between applications (SaaS). Without additional code, applications are integrated in a few clicks.

AWS AppSync

A simple and secure managed service that simplifies development on the GraphQL API. Security is achieved through two levels of user authentication

Internet of Things

AWS IoT Device Management

Conducting monitoring of connected devices with the possibility of remote control

AWS IoT Things Graph

The process of creating IoT applications is accelerated by the ability to connect different devices to cloud services

AWS IoT Core

Ability to connect a huge number of IoT devices to cloud storage

AWS IoT Events

Service for easy tracking and monitoring of metrics to determine the status of various processes

AWS IoT Greengrass

Cloud service allowing deployment on peripheral devices

AWS IoT Device Defender

A managed service that allows you to secure all IoT devices

Development, testing and deployment

AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK)

Ability to develop software in well-known programming languages in a cloud environment

AWS CodeStar

A developer tool that allows you to quickly start working on code, with centralized software management

AWS CodePipeline

Easy and reliable installation of application and infrastructure updates thanks to automated conveyor work

Amazon CodeGuru

A service that allows you to automatically check code to identify vulnerabilities based on machine learning

AWS CodeArtifact

A managed service for managing artifact repositories. Reducing the cost of the service, by paying only for the features used

AWS Device Farm

An automated, remotely accessed service that allows the performance of mobile and web applications to be tested on real devices, without the need for imprecise emulators


Service for monitoring and finding bugs in applications, as well as with the ability to track requests for processing requests

AWS Amplify

A set of developer tools that enable both the creation and deployment of full-featured web and mobile applications

Amazon API Gateway

A tool for developers that handles a huge number of API calls and ensures complete data security

Media services

Amazon Interactive Video Service

A simple and straightforward live streaming service that integrates easily into websites and applications

AWS Elemental MediaConnect

Secure live video broadcasts with high signal strength and video stream quality control. It's also a money-saver with state-of-the-art technology

AWS Elemental MediaLive

A service for creating high-quality broadcasts with the ability to modify live video content.  The possibilities are not limited to internet streaming but can also be used for broadcasting to TV channels

AWS Elemental MediaTailorVideo

Setting up personalised, targeted advertising in video content, with accurate reports of results.

Business apps

Amazon Chime

Video conferencing service with chat and desktop access to your computer. High quality video and audio streaming

Amazon Honeycode

Creating a flexible application without knowledge of code that can be used for web browsers and mobile devices

Amazon WorkDocs

An environment for content where you can work in real time with content storage in the cloud

Amazon WorkMail

A corporate email service that has a high level of security through data encryption

Amazon WorkSpaces

Remote access to Windows and Linux-based virtual desktops for in-house and freelance employees

Common Use Cases for Amazon Web Services

Enterprise cloud

Hybrid enterprise cloud

SaaS, XaaS applications

DWH and data analytics

Big data


Computer vision

HIPAA-compliant cloud

Benefits AWS Consulting

Project feasibility assessment

Consultations to the management


AWS migration strategy and detailed migration plan

Transfer of AWS-specific knowledge

Guidance on operating procedures and policies

Infrastructure configuration

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