NFT Marketplace Development

What is NFT?

NFTs, often referred to as Non-fungible tokens, are blockchain-based tokens that each token represents a unique asset like a media, a piece of art, or digital content. NFTs is also an irrevocable digital certificate of authenticity and ownership for a physical or digital asset. Over the years, the popularity of NFT and the NFT marketplace has skyrocketed. As of 2022, the volume of the transactions of NFT marketplace platforms globally was $37 billion, which is more than it was in 2020, when it was $338 million. 

The rapid growth of NFT platforms and all blockchain technology over the years makes people consider investing in NFT marketplace development. In the world today, NFT development is a promising business opportunity because the moment NFT tokens start trending and appealing to everyone around the world, they are actively buying and bidding for digital pieces of art. This means that only NFT marketplaces can benefit from sales.

For example, OpenSea as one of the top NFT marketplace proves our point. OpenSea monthly NFT sales reached $93.2 million, while in January 2022, it was just $8 million. The NFT platform is more than hyping; it is a trend that will stay for future generations. NFTs are significant for authors of digital works and those who purchase them.

NFT gives authors and buyers the chance to monetize their work and more chances to confirm their possession and investment ownership status. NFT transaction is a win-win situation. And for the NFT marketplace platforms, they earn by charging different fees for energy to complete the NFT transactions.

Why are NFT marketplaces needed

NFT marketplace is a trending marketplace for trading, buying, and selling all digital works. The NFT marketplace development company does this to help you launch your own NFT marketplace and attract the community of NFT users. Due to the growth and increasing valuation of blockchain technology, it is safe to say that NFT marketplaces will stay in demand for a long time, which is why it is vital today. In addition, NFT marketplaces are needed because it helps you to acquire and give you rightful ownership of all your digital and physical assets. When you buy digital products in the form of a token, you will get a unique smart contract that contains every information about that NFT.

What are the benefits of NFT marketplaces


One of the greatest benefits and the most effective features of the NFT platform is transactions between traders, sellers, and buyers in the custom NFT marketplace. The NFT marketplace development company does the security features to protect NFT creators against loss of transactions and unwanted actions as private keys protect it.

Smart contracts

Smart contracts are also a great benefit of the NFT marketplace, but through the use of NFT smart contract development. They are initiated digitally by signing an agreement to eliminate intermediaries and prevent fraud. Smart contracts are written in codes to make the process automatic through the use of NFT marketplace development.

Instant payments

Another great benefit of NFT marketplace developers is that NFT marketplace development offers instant payments in cryptocurrency. The amazing thing is that no card details or personal information are required to access the NFT trading platform.


Decentralization benefits NFT platforms because it allows you to copy and distribute all data across all blockchain networks. Whenever a new blockchain is introduced into the marketplace, the NFT platform updates its blockchain to accommodate the new changes.


NFT buyers and NFT creators can easily and clearly see every transaction on the NFT marketplace platform. The blockchain network is beneficial because it ensures smooth transactions and all payments are error-free.

Where can NFT marketplaces be used

Ensuring Authenticity of Products

NFT marketplace development can be used to ensure that the kind of product you are purchasing is authentic. This is because blockchain networks can easily and permanently store information about a product so checking the authenticity is something easy. So, therefore. NFT data and the marketplace can be used to store information about the process of manufacturing of a product, just to ensure everything is fairly traded.

Real Estate

NFTs marketplace and real estate are made for each other. NFT token holders can easily use NFTs to transfer land deeds, track the changes in the property value and provide ownership proof through time-stamped NFTs assets. The real estate industry is one of the greatest NFT marketplace sectors. It is used in real estate to speed up transactions and enable smart contracts for properties.

Medical Records and Identity Verification

NFT ledgers are great work of software engineering, and this feature of the NFT marketplace can store all patients’ medical records without risking tampering from external sources or compromising confidentiality because NFT transactions are validated before being added to the blockchain. This is done to ensure all records are accurate and secure from any form of manipulation.

Academic Credentials

NFT marketplace mobile app development is a good way to represent all your academic credentials. NFTs marketplace can help you provide proof of degree earned and other vital information stored on the NFT chain as an NFT marketplace solution. In the future, issuing a paper certificate will be an old thing; the white-label NFT marketplace will be used to record academic achievement.

Most famous NFT marketplaces


OpenSea is the largest and the first NFT marketplace. Mobile applications for NFTs include domain names, gaming times, digital arts, and digital collectibles. OpenSea is an open web3 platform that enables the entertainment industry and digital creators to explore NFTs and connect with each other to sell and buy NFTs.


Rarible is another great NFT marketplace software that works as a decentralized platform that allows digital artists to sell crypto assets that present ownership in their work. Rarible is a marketplace for digital assets, and it is built on the ethereum blockchain to enable their trade without a need for a middleman.

Nifty Gateway

Nitty Gateway is also an NFT marketplace platform founded by Duncan and Griffin Cock Foster and has since been acquired by the Winklevoss twins. Nifty Gateway has a marketplace that has sold NFTs by Pak, Refik Beeple, Anadol, and other widely followed NFT artists.

NFT Marketplace Development Services at FortySeven

As one of the best and most reputable NFT marketplace development companies globally, FortySeven has great experience and knowledge in building user interfaces and scalable trading platforms. From creating tokens to an ecosystem, forty-seven had proven experience and innovative solutions at flexible pricing. With Forty-seven, we can help you build a great NFT marketplace from scratch without wasting time because our ready-to-deploy framework provides scalability.

Why Hire us for NFT Marketplace Development Services

Our Expertise in Develop

We have a team of NFT marketplace developers with the right knowledge to create fast and scalable software that addresses your NFT marketplace needs. Our team of developers is committed to offering a full range of NFT marketplace development services. Our developers use the latest technologies to ensure quality services are rendered to our clients.

Support and Maintenance

At FortySeven, we also offer maintenance and timely support to our customers to get the best experience. Our software engineers ensure that your application gives the best performance by contacting you to ask about your software. We also offer a free consultation to our customers to ensure they are satisfied.

Customer Satisfaction

The satisfaction of our customers is our first priority, and this makes us keen on delivering the best software that gives the best NFT marketplace experience. We involve our customers in all development processes, using the agile development approach to address all feedback.

Are You Looking NFT Marketplace Software Development?

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