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At FSSP we understand that NFT marketplace provide you with wide reach, ease of use, security, additional expertise that you can bring, and community.

Expertise in NFT Marketplace

An NFT marketplace is a platform that allows users to buy, sell, and trade NFTs. These platforms can be used to trade a wide variety of NFTs, including art, music, video games, and more.Our specialists have a deep expertise in developing NFT marketplaces in different kind of projects, starting from gaming, ending with Fintech. We can advise you throughout all the process and provide you with best industry expertise that we gained by developing projects from over than 16+ years.

Our Approach

At FSSP we can help you in developing your own NFT marketplace. These platforms can offer a variety of services to users, including, a user-friendly interface for browsing and searching for NFTs, secure payment processing and wallet integration for buying and selling NFTs, tools for creating, minting, and uploading NFTs to the marketplace, support for a variety of NFT standards and formats, community features, such as forums and social media integration, to connect buyers and sellers and facilitate the trading of NFTs, integration with external services, such as art galleries or gaming platforms, to facilitate the sale of NFTs and other additional services, such as consulting, marketing, or legal support, to help creators and sellers succeed in the NFT market.

We Can Help You With

Token Creation

Token is a digital asset that represents a certain value, such as a unit of currency, a loyalty point, or an asset in a game. Tokens can be created using a variety of blockchain technologies. Our specialists will guide you throughout all the process.

Platform Development

Our specialists have a strong understanding of blockchain technology and smart contract development. When developing also need to consider the specific needs and goals of your platform, such as the types of NFTs you want to support, the user experience you want to provide, and any legal or regulatory considerations.

Digital Wallet

It's a software program that stores and manages digital currencies or other digital assets. It allows users to send and receive digital currencies, keep track of their balance, and view their transaction history. Digital wallets can be used to store a variety of different types of assets, including cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as other types of digital tokens. 

Token Transfer

Token transfer refers to the process of sending digital tokens from one person or entity to another. This can be done through a digital wallet or a cryptocurrency exchange, depending on the specific type of token and the platform it is being transferred on. Our specialists can guide in each of the process and help you to develop your own products.

Where can NFT marketplaces be used

Ensuring Authenticity of Products

NFT marketplace development can be used to ensure that the kind of product you are purchasing is authentic. This is because blockchain networks can easily and permanently store information about a product so checking the authenticity is something easy. So, therefore NFT data and the marketplace can be used to store information about the process of manufacturing of a product, just to ensure everything is fairly traded.

Real Estate

NFTs marketplace and real estate are made for each other. NFT token holders can easily use NFTs to transfer land deeds, track the changes in the property value and provide ownership proof through time-stamped NFTs assets. The real estate industry is one of the greatest NFT marketplace sectors. It is used in real estate to speed up transactions and enable smart contracts for properties.

Medical Records and Identity Verification

NFT ledgers are great work of software engineering, and this feature of the NFT marketplace can store all patients’ medical records without risking tampering from external sources or compromising confidentiality because NFT transactions are validated before being added to the blockchain. This is done to ensure all records are accurate and secure from any form of manipulation.

Academic Credentials

NFT marketplace mobile app development is a good way to represent all your academic credentials. NFTs marketplace can help you provide proof of degree earned and other vital information stored on the NFT chain as an NFT marketplace solution. In the future, issuing a paper certificate will be an old thing; the white-label NFT marketplace will be used to record academic achievement.

Some of Existing NFT Marketplaces


OpenSea is the largest and the first NFT marketplace. Mobile applications for NFTs include domain names, gaming times, digital arts, and digital collectibles. OpenSea is an open web3 platform that enables the entertainment industry and digital creators to explore NFTs and connect with each other to sell and buy NFTs.


Rarible is another great NFT marketplace software that works as a decentralized platform that allows digital artists to sell crypto assets that present ownership in their work. Rarible is a marketplace for digital assets, and it is built on the ethereum blockchain to enable their trade without a need for a middleman.

Nifty Gateway

Nitty Gateway is also an NFT marketplace platform founded by Duncan and Griffin Cock Foster and has since been acquired by the Winklevoss twins. Nifty Gateway has a marketplace that has sold NFTs by Pak, Refik Beeple, Anadol, and other widely followed NFT artists.

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