IT Outstaffing Services

What is IT Outstaffing

IT Outstaffing is a remote collaboration with a development team or outstaffing company, and they usually perform a task for a company but are employed officially by a development partner. The developers act as the employer by paying wages and giving employees resources and bonuses. And clients of the task make the provision of qualified developers with assignments and works. IT outstaffing is not the same as outsourcing because in outstaffing, you are allowed to access the development team. This makes it easy for you to communicate with skilled developers and instruct them to work on a task depending on the agreement signed.

What is the difference between outstaffing and outsourcing?

The main difference between outstaffing and outsourcing is that an outsourcing company works on a project without involving customers or receiving payments based on results. While on the other hand, outstaffing is a company that works directly, communicates with customers, gets paid monthly or as a wage, and doesn't depend on the final results. However, when it comes to outsourcing, work is performed depending on the place assigned by a company, but for outstaffing, everything is done in the customer's office.

Also, outsourcing offers a long-term contract with the probability of increasing it, while outstaffing offers a temporary contract. Outsourcing doesn't require any cost on companies' workspace and salary deduction. Still, in outstaffing, there is no need to manage workers, which also helps save money on the profit made and salary deduction.

IT Outstaffing Models

Partial Outstaffing

Partial outstaffing is an IT staffing model that works when you need a specialist to work on one of your products. In this case, this is most likely a one-time service from the company or individual. This partial outstaffing model option allows you to choose a specialist that will work as part of your internal team. To get this done, you must contact an outstaffing model, and they will assign one developer for you.

Dedicated Team

In a dedicated team outstaffing model, you and your outstaffing company are responsible for deciding the task to work on and how it should be done. All you need to do is allocate a team of specialists, and they will report to you directly.


Project-based is another IT outstaffing model that works based on your requirements and business needs while the IT outstaffing company processes every process and stage of development for you. The work is done by an outstaffing party only while they report to you.

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Benefits of IT Outstaffing

Cost savings

Hiring outstaffing services will greatly benefit your business by helping you cut your projects and resources costs. All these are made possible if a remote or physical outstaffing team doesn't charge or get paid when you don't invest in the establishment cost of IT infrastructure. Hiring outstaffing requires low labor costs while processing their IT skills. It is also beneficial to you because there is the absence of additional expenses for outstaffing companies' services such as medical insurance or tax payments.

High-quality talent mapping

Outstaffing companies also have a range of technical skills covering a wide range of IT talents, from software engineers to app and web developers. And that is why when it comes to outstaffing, the more qualified a person or a company is, the more you are likely to find them to fit your requirements. Nevertheless, fully trained developers are experts that can provide app and web development with their professional skills. This makes most outstaffing companies with high-quality talent always make a project successful.

Unlimited control

Another amazing benefit of hiring an outstaffing company is that it gives you full control over the development process, project scope, and staff. This allows you to manage a team selection and choose the best team efficiently. The most important thing is to identify professionals and guide their activities to make a successful project.

Faster Time to Market

IT outstaffing service is also beneficial for your business or company because it helps to hasten your product's time to a competitive market. And in case your in-house team is struggling to meet the demands of your company's current project or the deadline is close, hiring IT outstaffing developers will make your company quickly launch a product.

Flexible Teams

Hiring an IT outstaffing team allows you to have full control of the development process just as you have power over your internal team. This is important because you will track where your works get to, when resources are needed and when they have stopped working due to one agreement issue or other things.

IT Outstaffing Services at FortySeven

At FortySeven, our dedicated team starts by analyzing our customers' requirements. We do this by collecting all the details, specifications, and resources of a project before we embark on enhancing a perfect delivery of your project. Our team of developers assists businesses in closing talent gaps by reaching business goals through physical or remote employment.

FortySeven has 16 years of proven track of delivering the best result to customers because of our proficient delivery team. Our IT outstaffing team also researched customers' requirements to avoid any form of agreement issues after signing contracts. We also allow our prospective customers to ask different questions based on the project's details and to know how we work.

At FortySeven, we also focus on short- and long-term partnerships to ensure you have the best service that adapts to the market's innovation. We also give project transparency to our clients based on their time zone and location from the first day.

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Our development process is the natural evolution of a software process to support today’s changing business environment. We believe that every project should be dealt with a fresh approach. Our industry knowledge allows us to deliver solutions that solve business challenges in 40+ industries. Working closely with you, we define your needs and devise effective automation tool concepts, knowing how to implement these concepts and integrate them according to your specific needs.

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We manage projects using software for tracking progress and time. This gives you full control throughout the development process, making progress and billing fully predictable.

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