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React is an open-source library built on JavaScript programing language. It is primarily used for building user interfaces for both web and mobile applications. Its ability to support the reloading of websites without reloading the page makes it exceptionally applicable in creating interactive and highly responsive interfaces. It has therefore gained popularity among the developers as one of the most popular tools for building the front-end for web applications.

Advantages of using React

Easy to learn and use

React is a relatively easy library to learn, especially compared to other libraries such as Angular. A component-based approach where features are built as independent components makes it simple to grasp. Additionally, the use of JSX to use both HTML and JavaScript makes it easier to build responsive components. Thus, anybody with basic knowledge of JavaScript and HTM can quickly learn it.

Responsive user interfaces

React has a considerable ability to create high-quality user interfaces due to its use of components. React dynamically renders the right components efficiently, enabling displaying dynamic content in the interface. This makes it crucial to create highly responsive interfaces that offer an outstanding user experience.


When creating web applications, one critical requirement is their ability to rank well in search results. React promotes a website’s ranking in search results by offering a faster rendering speed using server-side rendering, translating to lower page loading time. The virtual DOM allows tracking changes in components to ensure that they do not affect the application’s loading speed. Therefore, React helps maintain high performance in complex applications that may be affected by adding or modifying features.

Tremendous community support

React has attracted a huge community of active developers due to its popularity. These developers make regular contributions towards improving React and offering support for developers whenever they get stuck. Additionally, they contribute various learning resources on social platforms such as YouTube and Stack Overflow, making it easy to learn to react. Developers using React are therefore assured of support whenever they need it.

What can be built using React

Real-time chat applications

React can be used to develop chat applications, either as independent mobile applications or as a chat widget in a website or a web application. Using React and services such as Firebase or libraries such as, it is possible to build applications that exchange messages in real-time and show whether a user is online or not. Also, ready-made solutions make it easy to build chat applications with React without starting from scratch.

Social networking platforms

Social networking platforms need to be built as single-page applications to ensure high performance. React is suitable for achieving highly responsive single-page applications that are both responsive and intuitive. Using React components, it is also easier to implement different components within the chat application to achieve different functions.

E-commerce websites

E-commerce websites allow users to search for the available products, add or remove them from the cart, view the cart, and checkout using various methods. React offers enhanced performance in e-commerce sites due to its quick rendering, allowing the customers to perform various activities without waiting. Its use of the virtual DOM optimizing rendering, ensuring that real-time changes reflect immediately in the customers’ screen. It is, therefore, an excellent tool for creating e-commerce websites.

Mobile Applications

React Native is an efficient tool for creating mobile applications for both Android and iOS. Using React, it is possible to significantly reduce the codebase, achieving more using less code and saving on development time and money. Additionally, React Native has various libraries that enable speeding up the development process and avoid building applications from scratch. It is also an excellent tool for developing intuitive and responsive interfaces while maintaining high quality.

Video streaming applications

React Native is a terrific tool for creating video streaming applications that give a great user experience. It supports the real-time update of information which is crucial for streaming applications. Additionally, it is an excellent tool for creating cross-platform applications, allowing the creation of applications that can work on both Android and iOS platforms. Due to its ability to support UI personalization and layout customization is also suitable for creating great interfaces for the applications.

Popular Companies that use React

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Facebook created React.js library in 2013 to optimize its social networking website, The company needed to create a competitive application as the web approach faced off. Therefore, it developed React to enable it to develop a cross-platform application. Later, the company developed React Native for exclusive mobile development.

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Netflix adopted React in 2015 for its front-end to promote its user interface and improve user experience. The company chose the library due to its high performance, startup speed, and ability to create intuitive user interfaces.


React Development Services - 2022 - 76


The company adopted React Native during its inception and has continued using it over the years. It also used React to develop its design system, Base Web, enabling building user interfaces for multiple devices.

React development services with FortySeven

FortySeven software developers have amassed vast knowledge and skills in using React and React Native to develop intuitive web and mobile applications. As a leading software development firm, we have a record of delivering high-performance applications. We take advantage of React’s abilities in creating highly responsive single-page applications to develop
robust applications. Our team of React Native developers is equipped with the right expertise to develop cross-platform applications that meet our customers’ needs.

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