Node.js Development Services

Node.js is the leading open-source server environment used in developing highly scalable dynamic web applications for iOS and Android apps. Node.js runs on JavaScript, the most popular programming language in the world, taking advantage of the language in using this language outside the browser. Due to Node.js being lightweight and highly scalable, it is an efficient solution for creating RESTful applications, making it APIs that can handle multiple
concurrent requests. Therefore, it has gained popularity among developers and is a suitable option for businesses in need of high-performance and secure applications.

Our Node.js Development Services

We offer our clients an opportunity to create high performing web and software solutions that are custom-made to meet our customers’ needs. We understand the need for scalability,
efficiency and unique solutions that give the maximum value to the business. Our dedicated team of developers have high expertise levels with Node.js, allowing the creation of software and web solutions that exceed our customers’ expectations and meet their business requirements.

What can be built using Node.js

Real-time chat applications

Node.js is lightweight and suitable for developing real-time applications due to its ability to handle multiple requests. Additionally, its efficient data handling and transfer between the client and the server enables the efficient exchange of real-time data. Therefore, it is suitable for creating chatbots that can handle high traffic on multiple platforms.

Web application development

Search engine optimization (SEO) is integral in web development, as every business needs its sites to be visible in the search engine. Node.js enables excellent visibility due to its back-end rendering that optimizes the website. Additionally, its high speed and performance improve its indexing by search engines, making it SEO-friendly. It is also easy to host websites developed using Node.js due to its popularity among developers and hosting services. Medium uses Node.js for its front-end to speed up loading time, even with large images, enhancing user experience and SEO.

As a back-end for social networking sites

Node.js provides fast routing due to its JavaScript engine, making it an efficient tool for developing social networking sites. Its security features and scalability make it a preferred tool for developing highly secure and scalable systems. Social networking platforms such as LinkedIn and medium use Node.js to process multiple requests concurrently.

Single-page application development

Nowadays, single-page applications are gaining popularity due to their ability to provide an excellent user experience. Node.js allows asynchronous data flow, allowing dynamic content display without reloading the entire page. Therefore, it is a versatile solution for creating dynamic and responsive single-page applications.

Mobile application development

Node.js enables the development of both front-end and back-end applications, making it a cost-efficient framework for developing mobile applications. Due to the language being a single-threaded model, it is highly scalable, a highly desired feature for mobile applications. Uber uses node.js to perform critical operations on the app, such as connecting to APIs.

Data streaming applications

Node.js allows faster processing of the streamed data by subdividing it into smaller parts, then sending them to the front-end individually, rather than sending them as a single package. This allows the front-end to process the files as they come, making it an excellent tool for developing video conferencing and streaming applications. Netflix uses Node.js in the entire front-end due to its performance.

Advantages of Node.js


Node.js allows the use of one language for both front-end and back-end, making the process of building develop both client-side and server-side code simple. Code reusing and sharing between the back-end and front-end enables using fewer code lines to achieve more. It, therefore, cuts down the development time and the cost of production.

High Scalability

One requirement of all businesses is to have scalable software applications to accommodate growth as time progresses. Using Node.js is highly scalable both horizontally and vertically as it is simple to add, remove or modify modules to meet new requirements and accommodate growth. Additionally, its ability to handle many concurrent connections promotes its capability in handling multiple customer requests, enhancing its applicability.

High performance

Node.js uses the V8 JavaScript engine to run JavaScript code, making it a faster method of implementing code. Additionally, its runtime environment provides caching of modules on the first visit of the website, enabling faster loading during subsequent visits. It provides high performance, especially for data-heavy websites that otherwise lag when loading.

Large and Active Community

The popularity of Node.js among developers has resulted in an active community that provides support. Additionally, using node packet manager (NPM), a developer has access to many templates and libraries that can be reused or customized to develop various software solutions. These tools speed up the development process by providing building blocks that
developers can quickly put together instead of creating software from scratch.

Why Choose Us

We have a dedicated team comprising project managers, software developers, quality assessment and testers, UI/UX designers, consultants and business analysts. This team takes care
of the whole process from budgeting, defining the project scope, time allocation, development, testing, and deployment. Our software engineers take advantage of the applicability of Node.js for both back-end and front-end to deliver high-quality software that meets your requirements. We use the best development practices to develop maintainable, testable code that helps us create highly scalable software solutions.

Node.js development with FortySeven Software Professionals

We offer custom development services for our clients using advanced methodologies to ensure customer satisfaction. Our vast experience and expertise in web development enable us to
use Node.js to create efficient, scalable and cost-friendly solutions for our global clients. Using agile development methodology, we collaborate with our clients in developing software
solutions, ensuring that the systems we develop sufficiently address their needs. Our software engineers are dedicated to walking with our clients through the entire project until the solution they develop meets the clients’ business needs.

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