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A company that doesn't have a mobile app is a company that will now miss out on golden opportunities to tap into newer kinds of revenue streams. If your organization haven't encounter a device specific experiences then it is time that you contact us for a good cross-platform mobile application that can work across all mobile devices.

As a Xamarin app development companies we create native apps, windows apps, iOS, and android apps, seamless integration, Xamarin app maintenance, and Xamarin development services

Xamarin is a programming language that unlocks possibilities across different mobile platforms by distributing more than 90% of the code on our Android and iOS APIs and using similar data language, structure, and APIs across our platforms. Xamarin is a C# language capable of reusing the written code on different platforms to reach a wider audience.

Mobile apps built with Xamarin have native user interfaces (UI), the system contains net libraries supported on tablet and mobile apps, which we leverage on to develop faster apps with the Xamarin platform and Xamarin insights.

Benefits of Xamarin Mobile app development

Beside the native look, Xamarin mobile app development is attached with many benefits that are rare among other programming systems. These benefits include


Xamarin framework is created with the capability of working on different platforms regardless of the operating system. We use native apps in C#, which reduces the tendency to use other languages to code, and the process is seamless on all platforms. The functions are compatible with all operating systems including iOS, Android, and Windows apps, and integrate APIs on device features like camera, gyroscope, geolocation, accelerometer, and network.

Simplified maintenance

The maintenance of Xamarin applications does not need a change in the source code, making it cheaper and simple for maintenance. Our technical support team will duplicate the changes on each platform if a business intends to use a native app. It reduces the cost of app development with a procedural operation mode that introduces new features at timely intervals without affecting the previous code. The system enables a single codebase, allowing developers to focus on strategic tasks, saves developers time, energy and physical assets.

API Integration

Xamarin, iOS, Android, and MAC applications use the same APIs and UI, while Xamarin on windows applications uses Microsoft Visual Studio for efficient windows. Devices can share applications using Portable Class Library (PCL) and operational application structure. Our company levies that and uses it to provide new features on the device operating system. 

Native performance and user experience

Xamarin is designed to fit with native APIs such as native UI, Bluetooth, SDKs, etc., taking complete control of the hardware and system APIs allowing the platform to interpret languages to specific needs. The difference between apps and native apps is eliminated. 

World-class refactoring & code cleanup

Xamarin’s Visual Studio and Visual Studio for Mac are bombarded with world-class functions such as additional interfaces, able to convert loops to LINQ, invert if statements, change signatures, inline temporary variables, and many more. As a result, your project code will get clean before applying it to the final work enabling a cross platform. Visual Studio is responsible for the cleanup and is enabled on the IDE settings or .editorconfig on the project file. 

Fast App Development Cycle

Xiamen is winning in the App Development platform because 90% of the code can be utilized many times by other platforms since it is written on C# and .Net libraries in app stores. In addition, the reusable features make it a general language for different platforms as it is sharable, reducing the Product development time. 

Xamarin Apps Development Services

Xamarin Mobile App Development

Xamarin allows manual testing making it the best mobile app development tool that enables engineers to share 90% of the code on multiple platforms. Although Xamarin is new, the technology is based on the Microsoft operating stack and has over 1.4 million users because it is a cross platform mobile app.

Xamarin Android App Development

Xamarin development for Android is the best-integrated system that allows access to open source libraries on Android devices. Any Automated Testing Apps developed in Xamarin can be tested using the Xamarin Test Cloud and the tool is supported by Xamarin cross platform mobile devices and can access libraries specifically on the system.

Xamarin iOS App Development

Xamarin iOS app development enables developers to develop native iOS apps with similar UI controls. This grants access to UI controls from Objective-C and X code with the flexibility and fastness of top Xamarin coding languages. 

Xamarin Forms App Development

Xamarin Forms app development has similar features to the traditional cross-platform applications. The library enables developers to share code on forms using the .NET Standard library and personalized cross platform mobile apps. 

Xamarin Consulting Services

Our Xamarin development company provide cross platform development services with the right technologies, libraries, toolkits, and languages for your business and ensure your project is submitted before the deadline. Our best solution is cross-platform mobile development service that is designed to cater to all your business needs and goals. You can work with us independently or in a co-development setting, whichever suits your company.

Xamarin Cross-Platform Apps Development

Xamarin provides reusable code that can be used on different system platforms, making it easy for developers to work less. The system has a Portable Class Library (PCL) that allows developers to write codes that can be used on multiple platforms but has limitations. The limitation is that PCL only works Xamarin apps compatible with .NET APIs. 


Xamarin.Essentials enables sharing libraries with native APIs devices by simplifying the accessing process of native UI controls. Some examples of its features include Xamarin cross platform, device info, file system, phone dialer, Accelerometer, screen lock, and text-to-speech. 

Xamarin IDEs

Visual Studio runs on an Integrated Development Environment (IDE), allowing users to create, manage, and native code using various tools from the Microsoft environment owned by Microsoft. In addition, the interface will enable users to build GUI, web applications, and mobile apps. 

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Why Hire us for Xamarin App Development

Our team has proven to be capable of creating robust and cost efficient Xamarin apps over the years. The reason for hiring us can be seen in every hotline app we build and every business we touch. Here are a few reasons why we’re considered by many as the best Xamarin app development services.

Our Expertise in Develop

Our customers can confess to our expertise working with digital transformation – mobile applications – that fashioned the new era. The application is able to reach the customers, giving them control over quality leads. In years past, our term of Xamarin developers has cooperated the system into Androids and iOS devices to formulate a sequence that work on different operating systems. We are committed to providing solutions both for custom mobile apps and business needs. 

Support and Maintenance

As a Xamarin app development company, our Android and iOS apps are under constant customer support and maintenance to reach project requirements. Haven created and delivered many custom and native development, and we are experts in creating ideal mobile with strong back ends, the best UI, and secure app code. Our talented developers' team aids your business reach its goals through our free Xamarin consultation and maintenance services. 

Customer Satisfaction

At FortySeven, we aim for customer experience and satisfaction. Our priority is placed on our customers' target to have the best mobile app services. As a professional app development company our talented Xamarin app developers understand the importance of a successful application, so timely updates are developed by our team develops timely updates to maintain efficient services on your device. We also assist our customers with new features to reach their business requirements. You can hire Xamarin developers to develop your custom and hybrid apps and expect a full digital transformation in your business through mobile strategy.

Xamarin App Development Services at FortySeven

As a Xamarin app development company, we provide Xamarin application development services on React Native App Development, web applications, software, iOS, and android. We also integrate and manage services to provide enterprise solutions to businesses. Suppose you're looking for a top Xamarin custom app with modern APIs or an enterprise solution delivered on time. Our Xamarin mobile app developers are also trained in business analysis to help businesses with the best ideal mobile app strategy. Our record is filled with efficient Xamarin app development to promote brand identity, meet market needs and increase business growth.

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Our development process is the natural evolution of a software process to support today’s changing business environment. We believe that every project should be dealt with a fresh approach. Our industry knowledge allows us to deliver solutions that solve business challenges in 40+ industries. Working closely with you, we define your needs and devise effective automation tool concepts, knowing how to implement these concepts and integrate them according to your specific needs.

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