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Almost everyday we read the topics on the growth of popularity of implementation of AI, ML among ordinary consumers. Yesterday wasn’t an exception, I found some statistics that according to Statista 21 million US shoppers used their smart speaker to make a purchase in 2019, which was higher at 32,2% in comparison to 2018. It’s predicted that spending on voice shopping in the US and the UK is expected to surpass $40 b by 2022. I think that the numbers would be much higher if we could count the impact of conversational AI systems on consumer behavior in general.

Our team has prepared an article that will help you to distinguish AI and conversational AI. You can read the full text in Forbes.

Shoppers’ Dilemma: To Make A Purchase Via Voice Assistant (AI) Or By Yourself? - 2024 - 5

What is AI?

Nowadays it has become a really hot topic. To simplify it, it’s when computers try to simulate human’s behaviour and replace humans for specific tasks. We can talk about recognition of objects of self-driving cars, decision making for financial products and many more. 

Shoppers’ Dilemma: To Make A Purchase Via Voice Assistant (AI) Or By Yourself? - 2024 - 7

What is Conversational AI?

It’s a sub topic of more generic AI, it’s when computers simulate human communication skills. So when a machine is communicating with us like a human and we can receive back a naturally sounding human response via voice or text – we can say it’s a conversational AI. From my point of view, the most interesting example of Conversational AI is Voice Assistant – emulating a human person in answering information questions, performing commands like shopping, music playing or having multiple players on this market, and every leading technology company is trying to expand the multiple capabilities of conversational AI. 

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