Smart Contract Security Audit

What Is a Smart Contract

A smart contract is a self-executing contract with an agreement between the seller and buyer being directly written into lines of code. The agreements and the lines of code contained therein exist across all decentralized, distributed blockchain networks. The lines of code control the execution, and transactions are irreversible but trackable. Smart contracts also permit trusted agreements and transactions among anonymous, disparate parties without needing a legal system, external enforcement, or central authority.

What Is a Smart Contract Security Audit

A smart contract security audit is a channel that provides a detailed analysis of a project smart contract that is used to interact with blockchain technology or cryptocurrency. This is usually done to discover costly errors, security vulnerabilities in reports and security in the line of code to give suggestions for improvement and reveal ways to fix them. As all blockchain transactions are final reports, funds are irreversible, so to avoid this, auditors will examine the line of code and produce a report. Then a final report is released, detailing all errors and works already done to address all issues.

Why do we need a smart contract security audit

Due to the vast amounts of value locked and transacted in smart contracts, they become something attractive for attacks and targets from hackers. This is because a minor code error in your line of code can lead to the theft of a huge sum of money. For example, the DAO hack on ethereum took about $60 million of ethereum and even led to a hard fork of ethereum. Since blockchain is irreversible, smart contract security is needed to prevent all vulnerabilities at all costs.

Smart Contract Security Audit at FortySeven

At FortySeven, we provide an intensive and affordable smart contract security audit service. Our audit team are experienced and well-trained smart contract security auditors who perform audits for financial protocols, marketplaces, crowdsales, NFTs, gambling games and tokens. At FortySeven, we are an auditing firm that also leverages the combination of automation tools, manual analysis, static analysis, and a robust manual review process to offer industry security recommendations to project teams. We have conducted over 1000+ smart contract security audits over the years, covering all project protocols and types, securing over a billion U.S dollars in the chain value. FortySeven is a reputable company in the world today, and we are one of the smart contract security auditing companies for the review of any lines of code, no matter how complex it is.

Why Hire us for Smart Contract Security Audit

Our Expertise in Develop

We have a team of smart contract auditors with the proper knowledge to give a fast and scalable smart contract implementation to address all your needs. Generally, smart contract security automated tests take about 7-10days to complete, but in some cases, the timeline may differ depending on the scope and nature of the test. Our development team ensures they are updated with the latest technology concerning smart contracts so that they can give you the best smart contract audit service.

At forty-seven, we also ensure our development team gives the best-automated auditing. We understand that after a blockchain proof of concept stage, our team will start coding the smart contract in a development environment. We do this because this is where most errors occur, and automated auditing will help us to find the vulnerabilities in the code.

Support and Maintenance

At FortySeven, we offer you all maintenance and support services you need to ensure you get the best out of our smart contract auditing process. Our audit team ensures that your smart contract security audit service gives you the highest result, so we do this by providing support and maintenance services. Most auditors recommend that you get a smart contract audit after a major change, but if you get the audit too early, you may later need a new audit for any changes. So at FortySeven, we avoid this by beginning the smart contract auditing process towards the end of the development cycle.

We won’t leave you alone after successful auditing because we understand how smart contract auditing can be. Using a smart contract will provide the transparency that makes all project teams view and review all transactions. With a secure auditing company like us, you have a decentralized contract, low smart contract audit cost and less risk of conflicts and miscommunication. We also offer free consultation services to our customers to enable them to have the best experience with us.

Customer Satisfaction

The satisfaction of our customers is our priority, and we are committed to delivering a quality service to give our customers an unforgettable experience. We also ensure we have a detailed audit to ensure that your contract with us doesn’t have any errors, and this helps to deliver your smart contract faster than you thought. We know the value of our customers, so we don’t joke with them; we involve our customers in every step of auditing by sending an executive summary to them and addressing their feedback. Instead of using a large amount of paperwork, our smart contract helps to process everything automatically without stress.

Are You Looking Smart Contract Security Audit?

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