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Case Study: How Venture Capital Firm Can Invest in FinTech?

April 10, 2019 in Case Studies, FortySeven Software Professionals, Software Development

There are many terms associated with the Venture Capital industry that might even not be known to other investors and entrepreneurs. Venture capital is a subset of private equity (PE). Who was the first person, raising a fund? Georges Doriot, professor of Harvard Business School generally is considered as the “Father of Venture Capital”. Continue reading »

Case Study: How to Create a Startup Digital Bank?

April 2, 2019 in Case Studies, FortySeven Software Professionals, Software Development

In the latest 1994, Bill Gates bragged that “banks are dinosaurs…we can bypass them,” it struck fear in the minds of bankers and people. He also stated that “Banking is necessary, banks are not”. It sounded very provocative by that time, but nowadays we can be sure that technology is lowering the cost of financial services and banking sector is embracing digital transformation. Continue reading »

6 Ways to Start Innovating Today

March 24, 2019 in Experts Opinion

Staying relevant? A new idea that generates value and adds extra value? The innovation is finding the balance between new ways of doing things, with things familiar to people. Innovation doesn’t have to be something that nobody has thought of before, it can simply be something a lot better that what exists now. 

So, how you can start innovating today? Here are some tips: Continue reading »

Ambassador of FortySeven Software Professionals: Disruptive Innovation in Tel Aviv 2019

March 15, 2019 in Experts Opinion, FortySeven Software Professionals, News

FortySeven’ ambassador in Tel Aviv has been participating in the meeting of innovators by Axis. The meeting was held for venture capitals firms, private investors from all around the world: Israel, Brasil, Spain, France, Italy, Mexico, Cyprus, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Russia, Canada etc. All of them were looking for perspective projects. Continue reading »

AI Impact on Humans: Welcome Microsoft HoloLens 2

February 27, 2019 in IT, News

Microsoft has unveiled the latest iteration of its mixed reality headset on February 26 during the 2019 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. This data now is considering as a new direction of the future. And it’s not only about the new strategy of Microsoft for tackling augmented reality, it’s more about the possibilities for employees. Continue reading »