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Remote Working and Digital Workplace Implementation

April 3, 2020 in COVID, News

As coronavirus takes over the world, all the traditional, office-based companies are turning into remote working companies. Approximately till the end of summers, most companies are going to work remotely. No matter what size or kind of business you are running, allowing your employees to work remotely is the need of the hour. It is significant because companies cannot simply shut down and let the economy crumble.

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5 Reasons to Have a Remote IT Team

March 23, 2020 in News

What makes a Remote IT Team? 

An IT team that works out of the traditional office space and fulfills the assigned roles and responsibilities is a remote IT team. The team either works together or individually. Remote IT teams can have flexible shapes and sizes. Today, a lot of companies are moving towards developing remote IT teams. 

Who Needs CRM?

February 20, 2020 in News

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software allows businesses to progress and succeed. CRM solutions take a solid approach to better customer relationships. Through real-time data collection, documentation, analytics, higher engagement, and well-managed inventory, CRM has proved to be the best solution for longer, sustained, and profitable relationships with customers.

5 ways to make your data work harder with Machine Learning

February 19, 2020 in News

It is a known fact that Machine Learning mainly depends on data. The data you offer to ML decides what results in you get. Flawed datasets and improper data collection mechanisms are two prominent reasons behind the inaccuracy and inefficiency of Machine Learning processes. These largely hamper the advantages that Machine Learning has to offer.

To achieve the best possible results, your data should be accurate and reliable. To make the most out of Machine Learning, you need to know the following 5 ways to make your data work harder:

Trends in Oil and Gas Industry

February 7, 2020 in News

With continuous technological advancements in this fast-paced competitive industrial market, the oil and gas industry has been following the suit as well. Coping up with the advancements and embracing the change is important to stay ahead of the competition. For that, the oil and gas industry has been efficiently adopting transformative strategies and operations from time to time.

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