Cloud Microsoft Azure

All-Business Cloud Platform

SaaS Startups

It helps to achieve faster time to market.

Small and mid-sized businesses

It helps to get infrastructure construction with Microsoft Azure.

Businesses using Microsoft products in-house

It helps to shift and lift migration of IT infrastructure to Microsoft Azure.

Featured Services of Microsoft Azure

Cloud computing

Azure Functions

Azure CycleCloud

Virtual Machine Scale Sets

Azure VMware Solution


Container Instances

Azure Kubernetes Service

Azure Red Hat OpenShift

Azure Service Fabric


Azure SQL Database

Azure Cosmos DB

Azure Cache for Redis

Azure Database for MySQL/ PostgreSQL/MariaDB

Azure Database Migration Service

Data storage

Blob storage

Azure Data Lake Storage

Azure Disk Storage

Azure Files

Azure HPC Cache

Azure Backup

Networking and security

Virtual Network

Load Balancer

Azure DNS

Azure ExpressRoute

Content Delivery Network

Azure Active Directory

Azure Firewall

Azure DDoS Protection

Web Application Firewall

Implementation of web and mobile applications

App Service

Visual Studio App Centre

Azure Maps


API Management

Service Bus

Event Grid

Azure API for FHIR

DevOps tools

Azure Pipelines

Azure DevTest Labs

Azure Repos

Azure Boards

Azure Test Plans

Azure Artifacts

Data processing and analytics

Azure Synapse Analytics

Power BI Embedded


Data Lake Analytics

Azure Stream Analytics

Azure Databricks

Data Factory

AI and machine learning

Azure Machine Learning

Text Analytics

Azure Cognitive Services

Azure Bot Service

Bing AI Services

Language Understanding

Computer Vision

Custom Vision

Internet of Things

Azure IoT Central

Azure IoT solution accelerators

Azure IoT Hub

Azure Digital Twins

Azure Time Series Insights

Azure Sphere


Azure Blockchain Service

Azure Blockchain Workbench

Common Use Cases for Microsoft Azure

Enterprise cloud

  • Integration with Microsoft office 365, Power BI, and dynamics 365
  • It is a platform for cloud-native application
  • Integration of data lake and data warehouse
  • Hosting of apps and automated migration
  • Building of advanced solutions like Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, and blockchain.
  • Monitoring and security of automation tools.

Enterprise multi-cloud

  • Use in identity and access management through Microsoft Azure Active Directory (MAAD) for authentication.
  • Networking of bridging services virtually such as Private Link, Virtual WAN, and VPN
  • Single-point infrastructure management through Microsoft Azure Arc.

Hybrid enterprise cloud

  • Use in case of the global identity of content and for edge cloud computing.
  • In synchronization with the Azure environment, clients and services through the Azure cloud
  • Security management of cloud and on IT components

SaaS, XaaS applications

  • The native containerization services
  • Uses in the scalability of serverless data storage
  • Use in spreading content globally
  • Use in cloud service for apps enrichment like computer vision, blockchain, IoT, and AI
  • CD and CI services for website, application, and mobile development.


  • Use in controlling of devices and in connecting to Microsoft Azure services via Azure IoT Hub
  • Use in software and hardware security for IoT
  • Intelligent analytics for logged and live IoT data in Azure Time Series Insights.
  • HIPAA-compliant cloud
  • Use in encryption of data
  • Use in component-level security and access management service
  • FHIR-compliant APIs for secure data exchange.

Cloud Consulting Services at FortySeven

FortySeven helps businesses, organizations and companies transform the IT environment with cloud computing services. Our team of experts is committed to delivering top-notch, reliable, and highly effective cloud consulting services that provide companies and organizations with a competitive edge.

At FortySeven, our cloud solutions enable companies and businesses to reduce IT requirements, increase production, lower costs, and reduce time-to-market. We also ensure our customers' demands are met with our on-demand delivery of tools, applications, and cloud consulting services such as databases, software, apps, servers, and storage.

By enabling companies and businesses for cloud adoption, our team of experts helps to become responsive and agile to the change in the market landscape and help make the right decision and maximize Return on Investment (ROI).

Benefits of Microsoft Azure

Scalability on Demand


Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

Bespoke Industry Applications

Improved IT Infrastructure

Rapid Deployment

Improved Insights

Secure Identity & Access Management (IAM)

Integration with Other Tools

Automatic Updates

What You Get from Azure Consulting

Feasibility assessment

You get a feasible assessment of your Azure initiative based on Total Cost of Ownership, Return on Investment, and development cost and time.

Consultations with the executive staff

Consultation in the form of questions and answers, emails and answers.


To get cloud architecture based on data warehouses.

Azure migration strategy

This is used in case of bounding business goals, development capabilities, and timeframes.

Process descriptions and policies

For the provision of IT service after Microsoft Migration.

How You Benefit from Azure Consulting by FortySeven

Migration cost

We devise a Microsoft Azure migration strategy to reduce development costs.

Consumption costs

We help businesses to automate resources and select Microsoft Azure services to reduce the cost of cloud consumption.

Cloud development speed and costs

We help businesses set up Microsoft Azure Services to reduce development and design efforts.

App performance

We set up design and app performance testing processes to ensure the high performance of apps and their stability.


We also help in identifying and in access management through Microsoft Azure and component-level security.

Why Hire us for Cloud Consulting Services

Cloud Consulting Services expertise

At Fortyseven, we have a team of cloud consulting experts with proper knowledge about clouds to address your organization's needs. We also ensure our cloud consulting experts use the latest software and technology to come up with quality services for you. The IT team of small and large businesses already has a lot on their schedule. So monitoring and managing your business migration to the cloud will add a lot to your work and may lead to worry. You have nothing to worry about if you hire us at Fortyseven.

Support and maintenance

If you already have an IT team in your organization, they may have been overstretched. In this case, you need to ensure you are not adding managing and monitoring of the cloud to their list of responsibilities. Therefore, you need us at FortySeven for a perfect job. We offer support and maintenance services just to ensure you get the best services from us even after we've delivered our services to you.

Customer satisfaction

At FortySeven, our customer's experience with us comes first. We ensure our cloud consulting services are reliable to promote customer satisfaction. One of the main concerns in cloud computing is security. Any mistakes in the data of an organization will surely affect the business. Also, attacks and hacking of cloud infrastructure can affect customer service. So to help you avoid this, we render assistance as a cloud consultant to help manage your data by taking precautions like encrypting sensitive data, firewalls, and permission.

Are You Looking Azure Consulting?

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