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Online Commerce analytics, including both ecommerce and mcommerce puts the brilliance and power of data in your hands. Businesses are learning more about the differences between ecommerce and mcommerce and its influence. Could mobile technology increase productivity and scale up the business?

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Mobile Employees

By the year 2022, there would be a total of 1.87 billion employees who will work on mobile. This 1.87 billion is the 42.5% of the total employees. The other 55.5% employees are the traditional employees of all over the world.

Mobile Users

After these 1.87 billion employees, then comes the mobile users. By this current year 2019, the total number of mobile users are expected to be reached to 5.112 billion from 3.7 billion. See how quick the users are increasing. 

Social Media Users

As the mobile users are increasing day by day in great numbers so as the social media users. In a single year, the number of users of social media is increased by 9% i.e. from 3.192 billion in last year to 3.48 billion worldwide.

Smartphone vendors

Samsung and Apple are the kings of Smartphone vendors as both share 18% of the smartphone vendor each as compare to the other 64% mobile vendors. 

Countries with maximum e-shoppers

We have 5 countries which have the highest e-shopper percentage according to their total population: China, Switzerland, Germany, The United Kingdom and The Netherlands. 

eCommerce vs mCommerce. Infographics 2020-2022 - 2024 - 3

Some Tips

According to the data, the number of mobile employees is increasing and the mobile users are in billions now. Online business could become the next most advanced and widely used business in the world. When we are analyzing the influence of Social Media, we should mention that it could become the one and only promotion place of business. With these high percentages of mobile users and employees, we can expect that all of the business will convert and work on mobile application development and strategies. Do you agree?