IT Solutions for the Oil and Gas Industry

Are you looking for a dependable partner in developing solutions for the oil and gas industry? Worry no more. At FortySeven Software Professionals, we can help you acquire advanced digital solutions for your oil and gas company to increase efficiency, reliability, and productivity. As digital systems revolutionize operations in the oil and gas industry, we are committed to providing reliable IT support to help you achieve your goals. Our custom-made solutions enable you to stand out in the marketplace, optimize your operations, increase productivity, and ensure economic growth.

Our expertise

We develop IT solutions to transform the oil and gas industry by reducing operational and maintenance costs, increasing efficiency, and optimizing operations. We offer digital solutions that cut across the entire oil and gas ecosystem. Our expertise begins upstream to downstream, where we give all the stakeholders the support needed to digitize their operations. Our solutions are optimized to unlock new business value, mitigate risks and enable the economic growth of our clients. In each stage, we have experts to help your oil and gas company streamline its processes and enhance its performance in the marketplace.

Why choose us

We value our customers satisfaction

Our customer-oriented approach enables us to focus on delivering solutions that meet our customers’ needs. Having been in the industry for more than 16 years, we have gained vast experience fulfilling our customers expectations to retain them and gain new ones. Rest assured that your needs will be well addressed when you involve us as your development partner.

We make use of advanced technologies to deliver innovative solutions

We are well-versed in technology to develop solutions in advanced database systems for oil and gas resources, reservoir monitoring and management, remote operation centers, and equipment maintenance. We have solid experience in advanced analytics, big data, cloud computing, and the virtual Internet of Things (IoT). Our solutions are tailored to optimize performance by making use of the latest technologies in the oil and gas industry.

We adhere to strict security and regulatory protocols

As a company with more than 16 years of experience, we have a keen eye for protecting your systems and compliance with regulations. In the age of increased cyber threats, we incorporate sophisticated security procedures in our systems to safeguard them against possible security breaches. We also strictly adhere to non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) to protect our customers’ interests and security.

Excellent communication and customer support

We understand that communication is integral in software development. We listen to our customers to understand their needs and help them turn their ideas into innovative solutions. We also encourage our clients to inquire as much as possible before, during, and after the development process. We offer support to our customers to enable them to achieve the best from the solutions they acquire from us.

IT Solutions for the Oil and Gas Industry

Digital workforce management

Managing the oil and gas industry workforce might be challenging due to the high number of employees, especially in the mining industry. Our digital workforce management mitigates this challenge by enabling seamless employee management. We leverage AI, IoT, and other technologies to create software solutions that ease employee supervision, assign responsibilities, and allow collaboration and communication between workers and seniors.

Drilling Operations management

We help oil and gas drilling companies to increase their efficiency by utilizing the latest technological breakthroughs. Our technological solutions aim to minimize production costs and system failures and optimize performance. We collaborate with different stakeholders and experts to gather the necessary hardware and software tools to manage highly sophisticated projects.

Asset Management

Asset management is crucial in achieving operational efficiency. Our asset management solutions are tailored to manage small to large production, making them applicable to most oil drilling companies. We understand the need to effectively manage assets to reduce downtime, comply with legal and regulatory standards, save costs and manage resources. We offer asset management solutions for your oil and gas company to increase safety, promote performance, and reduce operational risk.

Fleet Management Systems

Our fleet management solutions enable you to remain connected to your fleet and monitor the drivers’ behavior when in transit. We offer automated safety inspections, real-time monitoring, maintenance, and communication with the drivers. Improve your workflow by acquiring a solution that enables seamless management of your mobile assets.

Operational Analytics

Data is one of the most crucial components in any industry today. We develop data analytics solutions to offer insights into operations management and decision making. Our solutions use data from different systems to help reduce production costs, conduct predictive and preventive maintenance, optimize drilling processes, and increase safety during the drilling and transportation of petroleum products.

Innovative technologies in the oil and gas industry

Artificial intelligence and Machine learning

AI and ML technologies enable system automation by creating intelligent systems that mimic human behavior. AI technologies are being used to power responsive technology, increasing the efficiency and reliability of systems. We use AI technologies to build automated machinery and devices for various oil and gas industry uses.

Internet of Things (IoT)

The need to monitor different systems and communicate in the oil and gas industry makes IoT an integral part of the industry. IoT enables information collection from sensors embedded in drilling machinery, vehicles, and other oil and gas industry components and their transmission through the internet to allow remote operation of systems, monitoring, and maintenance. Thus, IoT technology enables oil and gas industries to interact better with their machinery, hardware, and software devices.

Big data

Big data is a resourceful technology for companies desiring to succeed in the oil and gas industry. Analyzing big data enables these companies to gain actionable insights into trends in the marketplace, inventories, implementation and maintenance costs, and industry trends. These insights enhance the decision-making abilities in the oil and gas industry to enable better services provision and profitability.

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