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.NET is an open-source development platform for developing applications, mainly in the C#, F# or the Visual Basic languages. Microsoft initially built the platform for Windows. Due to that, the original version, .NET Framework, only ran on Windows. However, Microsoft later developed a cross-platform version, .NET Core which runs on Linux, Windows and MacOS. .NET allows developers to use a variety of languages, IDEs and libraries to create different application types.

Advantages of .NET


.NET framework is based on the object-oriented programming concept, enabling the development of well-structured software. Object-oriented programming eases the software development process by breaking it down into classes and objects which can be easily tackled. It, therefore, promotes code manageability and ease of testing code. .NET enhances code reusing and eliminates unnecessary code, saving on time and development costs.


.NET Core supports running its code in all major operating systems, allowing the building of applications that are compatible with various platforms. Additionally, this compatibility attracts developers from different operating systems, growing the .NET community. This community enables sharing of skills, quick learning and support to developers.

Support the development of a wide range of applications

.NET allows the development of software applications in multiple fields. It supports the development of web applications, mobile applications, desktop applications, cloud services, game development, machine learning, and IoT. As businesses invest in artificial intelligence, Big Data and IoT, this framework provides an enabling ecosystem that supports the creation of such applications.

High performance

.NET core has been built to support high performance, reducing the need for complex hardware for running its applications. Microsoft releases constant optimization updates that enhance its performance in every subsequent update. Additionally, .NET supports early binding and caching, enabling faster execution during subsequent executions.

Ease of deployment

.NET supports flexible deployment, where it can either be deployed as an independent application or integrated into an already existing program. Deploying .NET is as easy as copying a folder to have the system up and running. Additionally, it is possible to have multiple versions of .NET in the same system, enabling the development of concurrent applications for different platforms.

What .NET is suitable for

Gaming applications

.NET works perfectly with gaming applications such as Unity, enabling the creation of games both in two dimensions and three dimensions. As a cross-platform framework, it supports developing games that can run on several gaming platforms. Its versatility makes it suitable for game development as it enables the development of advanced features.

Cross-platform applications

Today, many businesses are adopting applications that run on multiple platforms to ensure reaching out to more users. .NET is a suitable option in developing applications that can operate flawlessly across various platforms. It has a variety of features that enable developers to build software solutions that work error-free on multiple platforms. It is, therefore, an apt choice for developing cross-platform applications.

Enterprise applications

Applications for enterprise use require high reliability and security features. .NET provides advanced security features such as code checks, character validations and encryption to ensure the development of efficient and secure enterprise applications. It integrates with databases seamlessly. .NET applications are also highly scalable, accommodating the changing business needs.

Web applications

.NET has frameworks such as ASP.NET for developing web applications. ASP.NET provides the necessary web application tools and technologies to build highly dynamic web applications. It supports component-based interfaces and .NET security features. It is rich caching, enabling faster loading, enhancing performance and SEO ranking of websites built using ASP.NET.

.NET Development Services with FortySeven

At FortySeven, we offer mobile, desktop, and web applications development services. Our dedicated team of .NET developers has extensive expertise in different .NET technologies to develop intuitive and custom solutions for your software needs. Our business analysts offer you the right insights to inform you on the best approach to use when in need of a software solution. We value our customers’ satisfaction, which is why we use Agile Development Methodology to address your feedback as we develop your system.

Popular companies that use .NET

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As Microsoft developed the .NET framework, it became its first user for its software products, digital products and cloud services. Initially, the company created .NET to enable building applications for Windows operating systems but eventually advanced it to support all major operating systems. Microsoft not only uses .NET but also supports and maintains it for other developers to ensure it is secure and efficient.

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Stack Overflow

The company previously built their system using .NET Framework but later migrated into .NET Core. The company chose .NET due to its ease of use, ability to build faster applications, and the framework’s ability to run on multiple platforms. Using .NET also enabled them to use the Azure Cloud, making cloud deployment easier for them when making upgrades.
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Samsung, a leading company in producing electronic devices, digital media devices and memory chips, is a primary user of .NET. The giant company joined Microsoft to develop this framework due to its recognition of its great potential. It uses .NET to promote better user experience and customer satisfaction, enhancing its competitiveness.

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Chipotle, a chain of restaurants that operates in the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany and France, developed their website using .NET. The company migrated from AngularJS to .NET to manage their online ordering system. .NET was suitable for the company since its language of choice was C#, and they wanted to maintain some of the features from the old system.

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We build highly optimized web applications of various complexities and uses. Our web development services are suitable for commercial applications, secure systems, complex applications and minimum viable products (MVPs) for small companies.

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We create applications with cross-platform capabilities for compatibility with various operating systems to reach a larger audience. Our .NET solutions enable you to save on development costs by creating applications that run as mobile applications and run on desktops and the web.

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