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What is Web 3.0?

Web 3.0 is a term used to describe the next phase of the development of the web characterized by disruptive technological advancements. Web 3.0 is an advancement of the current web 2.0, which evolved from web 1.0. the main characteristics of Web 3.0 are the enhancement of the back-end of the web to promote data sharing processes in a more advanced way. In a nutshell, Web 3.0 describes the innovations that will usher in the new phase of the web.

The Primary characteristics of Web 3.0

The Semantic Web

The semantic web is an advancement of the web that enables computers to understand the meaning of the data being searched and provide more helpful search results. Currently, the search engine uses keywords to determine the relevance of the search results to the query made. The semantic web overcomes this shortcoming by enabling the search engine to analyze and comprehend the meaning of the words, enabling more efficient sharing of data.

Artificial Intelligence

Web 3.0 shall be characterized by computers’ ability to understand information similarly to human beings. Natural language processing, a branch of artificial intelligence, allows machines to understand human language better, enabling a more intuitive interaction between human beings and machines. Machine learning will also improve the accuracy of systems by imitating human behavior.


Web 3.0 will improve connectivity through semantic metadata, improving information availability. Web 3.0 systems will run on decentralized networks to achieve a trustless and permissionless interaction. This will allow interaction and sharing of information without requiring authorization from anybody. Decentralization will also help users control personal data by limiting the scrapping of data from the web without the owner’s consent.


In Web 3.0, there will be widespread availability of information, powered by the accessibility of devices with access to the internet. Instead of data silos that inhibit information sharing, every device shall be connected to the internet and access any required information.

3D design

Web 3.0 shall promote user experience by the implementation of 3D technology in various areas. In this phase, virtual reality technologies and 3D graphics will be applied in different areas such as gaming, simulation, education, and the exchange of information.

Are we in web 3.0 already?

Although there have been noticeable disruptive technological advancements today, we have not reached web 3.0 yet. Considering the journey from web 1.0 to web 2.0, it is evident that the transition to web 3.0 will take longer to be fully implemented. Currently, websites and applications mainly utilize user-generated content and rely mainly on collaboration and interaction. On the other hand, web 3.0 is characterized by artificial intelligence to improve the relevancy of the results of the required information.

How Web 3.0 will improve our lives

Improved browsing experience: Through artificial intelligence, web 3.0 will enable websites to customize themselves to address users’ needs efficiently. Additionally, target advertising will enable users to quickly find the products they need through using the accessibility requirements such as location, budget, device, and urgency. It will therefore improve the convenience of browsing.

More intuitive user experience: implementing multifaceted applications will improve the user experience by providing more information to users. For example, a combination of location, weather, and traffic updates will make location search results more resourceful to the users. Additionally, 3D technology will improve the user interface by providing results more intuitively.

Web 3.0, blockchain and cryptocurrency

Due to the operation of web 3.0 through decentralized protocols, there will be an advancement of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. Web 3.0 aims to achieve decentralized networks that will enable automated transactions and smart contracts through the internet. Integrating blockchain, cryptocurrency, and the web 3.0 networks will enable secure data storage, sharing, transactions. They will therefore revolutionize business operations by providing more efficient and secure transactions.

Web 3.0 Applications in today’s world

Although the full implementation of web 3.0 has not been realized in the world today, there are a few applications whose features are in line with it. One characteristic that applications with web 3.0 technology should have is making practical interpretations from large-scale data. Various companies around the world are developing products with some of these features.

Some of these applications are:


Siri, Apple’s virtual assistant, has adopted some features of Web 3.0 to improve its functionality. Apple has improved the usability of Siri by applying Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing. The use of natural language processing enables the application to interpret instructions provided by speech into instructions that enables it to take the necessary action.

Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha is an intelligent search engine that computes answers instead of returning a list of websites like google search. The application uses knowledge derived from vast data, algorithms, and methods to compute solutions from the search queried. Its ability to compute results immediately enables it to provide definitive answers to queries rather than giving a list of solutions based on keywords.

Web 3.0 development services with FortySeven

Web 3.0 will revolutionize the business world today and change how things are done. You can choose to give your business an early experience of this innovative technology by utilizing some of its features today. You can get accustomed to some technologies, such as blockchain technology. At FortySeven, we have vast experience building base layer foundational blockchains that can help you have an early experience of web 3.0. we offer a wide range of Web 3.0 development services customized to give your business a futuristic experience.

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Some of Web 3.0 Services we offer:

Web 3.0 Enterprise solutions for various purposes

Be it a large scale corporate, a startup idea, or a domain-specific web application, at FortySeven Professionals, we develop custom applications based on your requirements using advance languages like Node, Python, etc. while ensuring complete integration with your existing environment.

Social Networking Websites

Save your money and time while reducing the risk with the custom application for your product, including the essential features. In our Minimum Viable Product development service, we develop systems using c# that can be customized to gain valuable insights to enhance your business further.

3.0 Intelligent Web Applications

When you require software or application to be used by your vast number of target users, SaaS can be the best option as it involves a minimal cost for support and integration. Our experts have got adequate experience in creating SAAS applications using Java, C# languages.

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