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What is PHP?

Hypertext preprocessor (PHP) is one of the most common general-purpose and open-source languages used for server-side scripting. It is widely used for the development of dynamic web applications and websites. PHP is object-oriented. Due to this, together with being a server-side language, most web developers use PHP to harness power and suitability in creating dynamic web pages.

PHP was created in 1994 by Rasmus Lerdorf and was released to the market in 1995. He previously developed the language to keep track of those who visited his online resume. Later, he improved it to enable it to interact with the database and provide more dynamic websites. PHP has since become one of the most used development languages for web applications and websites.

PHP can be embedded in HTML. As a server-side language, it can create dynamic content and interact with the database and the front-end of a website. It also supports session tracking using cookies and sessions. The language is integrated with the most common databases, including Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, and PostgreSQL.

PHP is preferred as a server-side scripting language due to its power and simplicity. The language has a simple syntax and is very forgiving, making it friendly for developers. It also supports most network protocols such as IMAP, LDAP, and POP3. The execution speed for this language is impressive, enabling seamless interaction of front-end and back-end in websites and web applications.

What can be built using Java


PHP is a common choice for building static and dynamic websites. About 78.8% of all websites in the world today have some PHP running at their back-end. Due to its ease of being embedded in HTML, speed, and flexibility, PHP is a crucial development tool for websites.

Web Applications

PHP is also used to create web applications, mainly on the server-side. The language is used to add functionality to web applications. For instance, PHP is used to handle forms, interact with databases, and display dynamic content on the website.

Mobile Applications

Although not commonly used, some PHP frameworks such as Laravel and KikApp support the development of cross-platform mobile applications using PHP.

Popular brands that are written in PHP

What are the benefits of PHP development

Easy to learn

PHP syntax is one of the easiest to learn compared to other scripting languages. The language is very forgiving and has an easy learning curve, making it friendly for beginners.

PHP is free

As an open-source language, PHP is a completely free language to use for commercial purposes. Therefore, developing with PHP is cost-friendly as you do not have to worry about purchasing licenses.

Easy integration

PHP is very compatible with different operating systems and platforms. It easily integrates with HTML where just a simple PHP tag can embed it. It also integrates well with other languages such as Java, enabling combining various technologies with minimal effort.

High performance

The execution of PHP is much faster than that of most other scripting languages. By using its own memory, it significantly reduces the time that is taken to load, which in turn speeds up its processing and gives it an excellent performance.


PHP has been in the market for a long and has gained stability over time. It, therefore, has minimal flaws, as most have been addressed in the past. Developing web solutions using PHP guarantees sufficient support from the huge community it has attracted since its inception.

Database support

PHP has a built-in database connection that allows seamless connection to various databases as a server-side scripting language. PHP works well with the most popular databases, making it suitable for developing back-end for web solutions that heavily rely on databases.

Library support

PHP supports various libraries and frameworks which extend its functionality. Since the language has been here for a long time, multiple libraries have been built to extend its functionality and optimize the handling of various tasks. PHP developers can find a library for solving almost any task, making developing with the language easier.

Why is PHP one of the most Popular Languages

PHP has been around for a long time, generating a big legacy. The language has improved and evolved to accommodate the current technologies through the years. Due to its ease of learning and use, the language is friendly to beginners, attracting many developers. It has, therefore, gathered a huge user base and has created a huge community of developers that offer support to the learners. Additionally, its ecosystem has also evolved, bringing various PHP solutions in frameworks such as Laminas, Laravel, CodeIgniter, and CMS solutions such as WordPress.

PHP Development Services at FortySeven

FortySeven Software professionals is a leading PHP development company that has been operational since 2006. We offer excellent development services using PHP to provide powerful and secure server-side solutions for various applications. Our robust and dedicated team of PHP developers enables us to deliver exceptional services to deliver quality in every development project. We make highly scalable web solutions of different complexities for different business needs. Our team services go beyond development; it includes developers, analysts, and quality assurance to offer multi-faceted services to our clients.

Why Hire us PHP Software Development?

Our Expertise in Develop

Our PHP development team is highly skilled in building optimized and scalable solutions for your website server-side. We hire the top talents in PHP development to ensure that our clients receive high-quality solutions that meet their needs. We also use the most efficient PHP frameworks to fast-track the web development process and provide optimal solutions.

Support and Maintenance

Our services go beyond implementing software solutions. We ensure that our clients get the best from our software solutions by offering support and maintenance. We offer free consultation services for our potential customers and assist them in choosing the best solution for their needs. We offer maintenance, application support, and optimization services for every software solution we develop. We also offer configuration and integration services of our PHP web solutions to enable our customers to work with these solutions right away.

Customer Satisfaction

We are keen on giving our customers value for their money. For every PHP development project that our team undertakes, we ensure that our clients’ needs are well-addressed and that the quality is beyond their expectations. Having been in the development market for over a decade, we have gathered insights into ensuring customer satisfaction with every product.

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