Application Security Audit

FSSP can help organizations ensure that their software applications and systems are secure, and protect against potential cyber threats. We use a variety of tools and techniques to identify vulnerabilities and risks, and provide recommendations for improving the security of the application.

Expertise in Application Security Audit

At FSSP we have deep expertise in providing Software Audit to all kinds of companies and government institutions. Our specialists have a strong understanding of computer science, network security, and software development, as well as knowledge of common security threats and vulnerabilities.

Our Approach

Software audit is about giving you a sense of security. Software auditing is an internal or external penetration testing of a software program to check its vulnerabilities, quality or compliance with standards regulations and plans. Approach may vary depending on the needs and goals of the organization, as well as the complexity and scope of the application being audited.

Advantages of Application Security Audit

An advantage of security review is that it can locate hidden systems like malware lingering in the system and identify perpetrators already exploiting the organization’s known vulnerabilities and network white box. In addition, it is a system for apprehending black boxes that have gotten into the network and added malicious activities to the organization's system. 

Improve the Speed of Threat Response

Threat hunting is going through the networks, searching for security issues critical to the system infrastructure. A human leads this process to locate the threat's source code that automated systems or conventional detection methods cannot detect. Human techniques, also known as ad-hoc hunts, can find vulnerabilities or threats that already exist in the organization's IT environment. Once the vulnerabilities are identified, it is sent to a person with technical knowledge (incident responder) to avert the code before it worsens.   

Reduce Investigation Time

Web security audits create better knowledge of an incident for the security team. Security experts can understand the scope, identify the threat, and forecast an impact. The company can also gather information from analyzing its web applications for possible hacking causing compromises and, in turn, improve its pci dss to tackle the issue. This give them access to tips and ways to correct problems on the database.

Cybersecurity Analysts

Website security audit is also a way to analyze a company’s cybersecurity stronghold. This will allow a company to deal with attacks before exposing the system’s vulnerable website. In addition, it paints a picture of the current situation of the system security and its robust resilience to attack. Furthermore, the security testing will be able to search for threats and give analyses to incident responders to further contextualize, code, time, and accurately set the security infrastructure.

What Makes Our Application Security Audit Unique

License Verification

Through our software audit services, you get to know if the licenses under which you are using various software are valid, or whether they need renewal. It also helps you know whether there have been any changes in the terms of the license of which you are unaware.

Quality Assurance

We also help you determine whether the software you are using for a certain purpose is of the best quality. If not, we offer suggestions for alternative programs or applications that can help you better.


Companies are required to use the software in compliance with the different industry standards. We help you assess where you stand in this regard and propose steps to increase compliance.

Legal Issues

We inform our clients about any potential legal issues or problems that can arise from their current practices with regard to the use of the software.

Best Practices

Thanks to our experienced team of professionals, we can advise our clients about the current best practices in the industry so that they can increase their competitiveness through more productive use of the software

Cost Management

In addition to recommending changes in software policy, we help our clients manage the costs of acquiring software licenses and maintaining business continuity.

Client And Vendor Involvement

We encourage collaboration with clients and vendors so that you can develop the best solutions and resolve problems immediately.

In-house Software Audits

We advise our clients about the systems and resources they need to set up in-house software audits on a regular basis.

Describe your project

Reasons To Choose FortySeven

Our development process is the natural evolution of a software process to support today’s changing business environment. We believe that every project should be dealt with a fresh approach. Our industry knowledge allows us to deliver solutions that solve business challenges in 40+ industries. Working closely with you, we define your needs and devise effective automation tool concepts, knowing how to implement these concepts and integrate them according to your specific needs.

More than 12 years of successful global IT outsourcing and our customer’s business augmentation
Business communication
We are compliant with ISO 9001:2015 on Quality management systems and ISO 27001:2013 on Information security management system
Deep Technology Expertise
Our specialists have a vast business and technology expertise and can develop complex solutions
Full IP Control
We transfer full control over Intellectual Property Rights to you each month
We manage projects using software for tracking progress and time. This gives you full control throughout the development process, making progress and billing fully predictable
TOP IT Talent
We have the team of the most talented Software Engineers. We invest in our team, as we consider them our tacit capital. We provide them with continuous and extensive training during their careers

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