Custom Mobile Application Development

Mobile apps have revolutionized the mobile world, getting much more power in the hands of customers and more business in the pockets of entrepreneurs. In the dynamic technology sector, the mobile application development market is at its peak. It is the need of the hour and the last fruitful trend of the company. FortySeven Software Professionals provide services for native, hybrid, and cross-platform mobile app development. We have complete spectrum developers with a philosophy of having a strong strategy set before production begins.

Native Mobile App Development

After delivering over 100 mobile solutions on Android and iOS thrived in Java, Object-C, and SWIFT by our team of FortySeven Professionals, today, we have got a significant competitive advantage. Native mobile apps are developed using platform-specific programming languages such as Object-C, Java, and supported by the rules defined by the platform.

Hybrid Mobile App Development

Combining industry-leading frameworks and right technologies like React Native, Ionic, etc., we make sure to offer solutions in the form of hybrid applications that are user-friendly and well customized to meet your requirements. These apps are a seamless combination of the versatility of the web apps and usability of the native apps.

Cross-platform Mobile App Development

With the evolvement of the mobile gaming industry, the companies are trying to reach out to more and more devices with the help of cross-platform gaming solutions. We offer solutions for every business after taking a close look at the requirements by employing the right tools and languages like Unity, Unreal Engine, etc.

Backend for Mobile App Development

Servers for messengers, gamming and other apps are created by exposing the capabilities of mobile apps to servers combined with backend consumption. FortySeven professionals combine the technologies at the server and backend to create an unmatchable app for your every need

Mobile Application Development Services

Mobile apps have invaded our lives. Everyone depends on their mobile apps for communication, payment, and entertainment. There are billions of applications that generate billions of dollars for the application development industry. In the ever-changing business environment, it’s very important to keep the business up-to-date.

Web App Statistics

"The statistics show that the number of mobile users worldwide is forecast to grow to 7.26 billion by 2020. Making a mobile application could be not only a good investment but also a tool to augment your traditional business."
2019 Statista Report

Mobile First

FortySeven Software Professionals can be also regarded as a mobile application development company. Mobile apps have transformed business operations and customer service. Mobile apps have transformed business operations and customer service. Every business, regardless of sector or niche, quickly adopts the first mobile approach.

Mobile Enterprise

Mobile applications have provided permanent customer experience. All sectors of education, communication, food, retail, banking, etc. leverage mobile application technology to expand their customer base. Our developers and qualified engineers are able to transform your business into a prosperous mobile enterprise.

Mobile Development Technologies

Generally, we use a wide range of technologies, with most popular of them related to Java, .NET, C++, PHP and JavaScript.

  • GOGO
  • Microsoft .netMicrosoft .net
  • JavaJava
  • Objective-cObjective-c
  • UnrealUnreal
  • KotlinKotlin
  • UnityUnity
  • SwiftSwift
  • IonicIonic
  • XamarinXamarin
  • R ProgrammingR Programming
  • PhonegapPhonegap


We, at FortySeven Software Professionals, understand and believe that a project can succeed when managed well. We can do that smoothly with the integration of the best practices into experience and knowledge. We have different software development methodologies for various reasons, which have their strengths and weaknesses.

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Reasons to choose FortySeven Software Professionals

Our development process is the natural evolution of a software process to support today’s changing business environment. We believe that every project should be dealt with a fresh approach. Our industry knowledge allows us to deliver solutions that solve business challenges in 40+ industries. Working closely with you, we define your needs and devise effective automation tool concepts, knowing how to implement these concepts and integrate them according to your specific needs.

More than 12 years of successful global IT outsourcing and our customer’s business augmentation.
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We are compliant with ISO 9001:2015 on Quality management systems and ISO 27001:2013 on Information security management system.
Deep Technology Expertise
Our specialists have a vast business and technology expertise and can develop complex solutions.
Full IP Control
We transfer full control over Intellectual Property Rights to you each month.
We manage projects using software for tracking progress and time. This gives you full control throughout the development process, making progress and billing fully predictable.

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