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“And in her ears the little Seashells, the thimble radios tamped tight, and an electronic ocean of sound, of music and talk and music and talk coming in, coming in on the shore of her unsleeping mind. The room was indeed empty. Every night the waves came in and bore her off on their great tides of sound, floating her, wide-eyed, toward morning. There had been no night in the last two years that Mildred had not swum that sea, had not gladly gone down in it for the third time.”

Ray Bradbury, Fahrenheit 451

Ray Bradbury in the late 1953 has described the prototypes of AirPods and Galaxy Buds. Isn’t it exciting and looks like technology trends? Today, at the end of 2019, we are ready to accept the concept of universal digital transformation. There is no doubt that soon technology will change not only our simple lives, but business as well.

Starting from 2000, The World Economic Forum presents the new technology trends that has been launched as a startups-Technology Pioneers. The World Economic Forum ‘believes that innovation is critical to the future well-being of society and to driving economic growth’. Companies selected in the past included: Airbnb, bluebird bio, Bloom Energy, Cyberdyne, Editas Medicine, Foundation Medicine, Google, Kaggle, Kickstarter, Mozilla, Palantir Technologies, Proteus Digital Health, Scribd, Spotify, Twitter and Wikimedia.

In 2019 the Technology Pioneers has been listed according to such industries as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, 3D Printing, Blockchain, Digitalization.

So what are these 5 technology trends in 2020? FortySeven Software Professionals tried to create our own list, according to our experience, the research of Gartner and other analytical data.

TOP 7 Technology Trends in 2020

7 Technology Trends in 2020 (Updated) - 2024 - 15
  1. AI and Machine Learning

Together these two technologies ( AI and Machine Learning )can make a revolution inside of any business idea and process and project. We know that the industries that are investing more in AI are: retail, banking, manufacturing, healthcare. With the use of both technologies it could help to make the current industry more efficient, effective, productive and secure. Moreover, according to Gartner, in 2020 the hyperautomation will become one of the main technology trends. It means that these both technologies can be used also to increase automate processes and augment humans.

7 Technology Trends in 2020 (Updated) - 2024 - 17
  1. Agile Methodology in business sphere and corporate companies

According to our experience, everyday more and more clients want to control the whole process of IT development of their projects. The Agile methodology is being used all the time, regardless of the project size. According to Gartner’s guidelines, Agile approach creates a more flexible environment. If you still are not sure in benefits for clients, read more here.

7 Technology Trends in 2020 (Updated) - 2024 - 19
  1. Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

The use of AR and VR so far was popular mostly in entertainment segment, but it could become a real trend for healthcare, architecture, projecting and more. There are a lot of examples of it: some airports have implemented navigation guides that are based on AR technology implementation, if we are talking about healthcare, then AR and VR could be called an emerging technologies in the industry. According to  Statista, as of 2018, the North American healthcare AR and VR industry was valued at $477 million. By 2028, that is expected to increase to $4.64 billion.

7 Technology Trends in 2020 (Updated) - 2024 - 21
  1. 5G Technology

The next year is going to be the year of implementing and adopting of 5G technology. The adopting of 5G is going to be a very serious and difficult project, because it requires a very good infrastructure and possibility to connect the technology. It will bring us to a faster Internet Connection, more reliable mobile networks, accelerate advancements in smart city, smart vehicles, smart manufacturing and more. Important is that value of 5G won’t be limited to smartphones, it will touch every industry of our daily lives.

7 Technology Trends in 2020 (Updated) - 2024 - 23
  1. Blockchain

For the last years we all know the technology blockchain according to cryptocurrency, cryptomarkets and so on. The potentiality of blockchain technology is far more than crypto industry. Samsung, Microsoft, IBM and China’s Alibaba are adopting blockchain technology. Samsung was one of the first tech companies to adopt blockchain — Samsung Blockchain Wallet App and support for multiple dApps. Microsoft have developed the Azure Blockchain Services. Alibaba is now providing a blockchain platform for enterprises to run their services on. So the tendency is growing and we see that blockchain technology will be used in different industries ranking from foodtech, retail, IRP and more.

7 Technology Trends in 2020 (Updated) - 2024 - 25
  1. The rise of Digital Workplace due to remote working

This technology trend is going to become one of the most demanded for people from all over the world. Due to circumstances and the effect of COVID-19 many government institutions, universities, and private companies have created augmented offices for their employees. We all know now what Zoom is and how to use Microsoft Teams. Universities have created digital platforms for online learning and if we were talking about Coursera and its progress in online education, now we can be sure that every educational institution, including schools, colleges, etc. have gained an experience of online learning. I’m almost sure that creating a worthwhile Digital Workplace for your employees is the right decision if you think about how you can develop your company in a crisis period. You can save money by non-paying for real office and gain more productivity. In case if you want to learn about the possibilities of Digital Workplace, read our article.

7 Technology Trends in 2020 (Updated) - 2024 - 27
  1. Online shopping and Robots Delivery

 We all realize how our world has changed in just a few months. It’s become better for us to do shopping online. Ecommerce sites are growing in numbers, especially in the latest period of time. So, maybe you had an idea to launch your own ecommerce website? There is no better time to act now. Nobody knows when people will be ready to go to the retailers and buy something by themselves, without using the delivery. Moreover, at the same time we can see how the robot’s delivery is rising. All the restaurants and cafes are delivering food without contacting you. And in some countries the delivery is made by robots. Isn’t it a new age of digitalization? Somehow it is. 

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