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Agile is basically a term used in software development that describes the core tactics or procedure for developing a software. Agile says that the software should be delivered incrementally with team collaboration, continual learning and continual planning instead of delivering your project all at once at the end of the deadline. In Agile, feedback is collected and applied constantly. It is considered as a much more active process where every person is working to achieve one collective goal.

Agile Software Development from the Customer’s Point of View

From the time Agile entered the software development procedure, a controversy is being created in the developing community. Agile supporters believe that it’s a good process and it helps in gaining customer’s priorities much faster and the management is quite easy with Agile. At the same time opponents find some arguments that the existing practice for software development is being undermined by the Agile. Sometimes it’s difficult for the customers to choose whether their software needs Agile or not. In this article, we will try to show Agile process from the customer point of view by showing its benefits so that customers can easily make a decision. At FortySeven we have several engagement models, we know how to implement Agile methodology into your business project.

Top 10 Benefits of Agile

Agile is a powerful tool for software development. It not only provides process and efficiency benefits to the development team, but also a number of important business benefits to the organization as a whole. 

  1. Quality assurance and Testing on each iteration

By this, the software gets tested on regular basis clearing the bugs timely rather than testing at the end.

  1. Active client engagement while discussing the product necessities

This way, the client makes sure that the development team understands the essentials of the required product.

  1. Reduced time for collecting requirements

The development team starts the project from the moment they get the basic features. They regularly present other features in the coming iterations.

  1. Focus on business value

By involving stakeholders into the development process, the team understands the most important issues and is able to provide it.

  1. Focus on users

By focusing features on the needs of real users, each feature incrementally delivers value.

  1. Advantage of making any changes at any time

This allows manufacturing the software according to the customer’s requirements.

  1. No need of detailed documentation.

As the project scope can be changed, so making detailed specifications are unnecessary.

  1. Improved quality

By breaking down the project into manageable units, the project team can focus on high-quality development, testing, and collaboration.

  1. Transparency

By involving throughout the project, clients and customers are seeing a work in progress.

  1. Predictable costs and schedule
Top 10 Benefits of Agile Software Development from Customer’s Perspective - 2023 - 3

Each Sprint is a fixed duration, the cost is predictable and limited to the amount of work that can be performed by the team in the fixed-schedule time box. 

These are some of the core benefits that customers will get by going with Agile software development.