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As a web application development company, FortySeven Software Professionals for more than 12 years, have been specializing in the development of web platforms for eCommerce, Enterprise systems, Industry-specific business solutions, including Banking, Retail, Public Sector, Oil and Gas industry.

FortySeven Software Professionals Approach

Our services include the development of world-class data loss prevention programs, DLP management services, information classification and protection.

Our enthusiasm is to provide you with customized security plans, including security controls specific business needs and effective security awareness training,not only to improve the security of the organization but also to make your employees safe and intelligent.

Our approach ensures that the employed data security programs perform effectively and efficiently within the environment where they have been employed by greatly reducing the risks of data loss and compromise across the entire environment.

Our team emphasizes the importance of working data security models rather than tools that more often than not may fail. Our consulting services also ensure that these models and programs are integrated with the culture of the corporation.

Industries We Work In


At FortySeven Software Professionals, our goal is to solve global energy related challenges. We help to improve approaches towards energy efficiency and renewable. To make the world a better place, we support energy conservation and energy efficient security measures worldwide. We are providing services to manage your energy spending. Home Solutions for Energy Industry Our…

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Fin Tech / Fintech / Financial Technology is the latest and innovative technology that aims to deliver excellent financial services. Using smartphones for investing services, mobile banking, and cryptocurrency are some examples of how technology is making financial services more available. FortySeven Software Professionals has a deep expertise providing Fintech Services, including covering all the…

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Medical Industry

To help healthcare let go of traditional practices, FortySeven Software Professionals offers all the different forms of technologies that medical organizations and institutions can implement. Home Key Aspects of Medical Industry The field of medical is experiencing innovation and modernization in this technologically advanced world more than ever before. With the introduction of newer and…

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Custom Advertising Technology Development

Advertising has always been a diverse field with a lot of strategies, ideas, creativity, and solutions. To make the Ad world more efficient, the market now has technologies to ease out the complexities. FortySeven Software Professionals has been working towards the development of Ad Tech complex systems. With the help of Ad Tech, business owners…

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Government Industry

Looking into public needs and government performance, FortySeven Software Professionals is offering technical services to government institutions. It has a great experience working closely with different kinds of government organisations. Home Key Aspects of Government Industry Like all the private enterprises, the government can enjoy innumerable benefits from technology in today’s modern and advanced world.…

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PCI DSS (Preparation and Certification Pass)

For a business to stay compliant with PCI DSS, it needs to have a preparation and certification pass that approves the PCI level audit completed by the business. To have this compliant certification, you need a reliable and trusted professional. For that, FortySeven Professionals is here to offer PCI DSS services! Home Payment Card Industry…

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EFET Electronic Data Interchange

With the introduction of standardized electronic exchange of data, the energy market is rapidly progressing. It helps in quick supply as per the demands as well as the accumulation of resources for higher profits and ROI. FortySeven Software Professionals has deep expertise that can share with you and help to move your business forward. Home…

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Automated Vehicle Software

While Automated Vehicle has become the thing of the future, AV manufacturers are looking for reliable professionals to adopt adaptive software that complies with the required standards of artificial intelligence. FortySeven Software Professionals has an outstanding team that develops up to the mark AV software for AV manufacturers. Home Future of Driving Experience Automated Vehicles…

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Payment Service Directive 2.0

Today’s banks and payment providers have the opportunity to be at the forefront of customers’ everyday transactions. In the same way, social media and online retailers are central to consumers’ everyday purchasing decisions. FortySeven Software Professionals has deep expertise providing solutions of that kind, as well as covering all the compliance and security policies of…

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Smart Contracts and Blockchain

Blockchain technology and Smart Contracts can efficiently improve numerous processes in your business and reduce the costs. The blockchain isn’t only the technology behind cryptocurrency, but it’s a very useful tool for other areas of business. This technology is the driving force behind a large range of global industries like finance, healthcare, government, real estate,…

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