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FortySeven provides a full spectrum of services that are included into software development lifecycle from preliminary business analysis and design to application testing, deployment, and maintenance so that you can benefit by outsourcing to us any phase of your product development, or the entire process.

FortySeven Software Professionals Approach

Our services include the development of world-class data loss prevention programs, DLP management services, information classification and protection.

Our enthusiasm is to provide you with customized security plans, including security controls specific business needs and effective security awareness training,not only to improve the security of the organization but also to make your employees safe and intelligent.

Our approach ensures that the employed data security programs perform effectively and efficiently within the environment where they have been employed by greatly reducing the risks of data loss and compromise across the entire environment.

Our team emphasizes the importance of working data security models rather than tools that more often than not may fail. Our consulting services also ensure that these models and programs are integrated with the culture of the corporation.

Technologies We Work With

Swift App Development Company

We are Swift app development company ready to go the extra mile to render the best Swift professional services that offer the best solution to every business, giving them an opportunity to stand out among competitors. Our Swift app development objectives focus on designs, development, maintenance, and prototypes with the integration of trending technology according…

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Objective-c App Development Services

Looking for an app development company that specialized in custom ios app development, and data Migration Services? As a c app development company that offers the best solutions in objective c development services, we have professional objective c developers and ios developers. Objective-c iOS app development is a programming language started in 1983 by Apple…

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Back-End Development Company

Are you looking for excellent backend web development services or do you want to customize your existing backend systems for your business needs? We offer backend development services on-premise and cloud base attributes to build scalable, complex web applications, fault-tolerant backend systems, and web portals with quick response. We are a remote team of backend…

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Front End Development Company

FortySeven front-end development company is the definition of trends, designs, technologies, creativity, and usability. We are responsible for display and interaction with the user. As a front-end development services provider, we combine sound knowledge and hold the decorated framework and expertise in the industry. FortySeven is run by professional front end developers who focus on…

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Kotlin App Development Services

The development of a custom-made Android app and iOS app is the ideal solution for simplifying any type of business, renewing or launching one’s brand identity, and retaining or acquiring new customers. Recently, Kotlin has become the trending software for Android app development. The trend has escalated worldwide for its seamless integration on smartphone devices…

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Xamarin App Development Company

A company that doesn’t have a mobile app is a company that will now miss out on golden opportunities to tap into newer kinds of revenue streams. If your organization haven’t encounter a device specific experiences then it is time that you contact us for a good cross-platform mobile application that can work across all…

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Full Stack Development Services

Looking to hire full-stack developers for your web and mobile app? The program refers to the design of the front end (UI UX) and back end (server side) part of a web application which provides many advantages over generic web development—As a full stack development company, we cover the front end, back end, database, and…

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Vue.js Development Services

What is Vue.js? Vue is an open-source JavaScript framework for developing interfaces and single-page applications. It is built on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, which helps you build interfaced through building blocks. Vue supports component-based development where different parts of the interface are built as components. This enables efficient and fast development as these components can…

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Smart Contract Security Audit

What Is a Smart Contract A smart contract is a self-executing contract with an agreement between the seller and buyer being directly written into lines of code. The agreements and the lines of code contained therein exist across all decentralized, distributed blockchain networks. The lines of code control the execution, and transactions are irreversible but…

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Solidity Development Company

What is Solidity and where is it used Solidity is an object-oriented and high-level programming language used to create smart contracts for automating transactions on various blockchain platforms, most notably Ethereum. After it was proposed in the year 2014, the programming language was specially created and developed by contributors to ethereum projects and other blockchain…

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Smart Contract Development

What is Smart Contract Development A smart contract development is the development of an agreement between two or more parties like EOS or Ethereum that run when predetermined conditions are met. It is used in automating the execution of an agreement so that everyone can be certain of the outcome without any involvement or time…

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NFT Marketplace Development

What is NFT? NFTs, often referred to as Non-fungible tokens, are blockchain-based tokens that each token represents a unique asset like a media, a piece of art, or digital content. NFTs is also an irrevocable digital certificate of authenticity and ownership for a physical or digital asset. Over the years, the popularity of NFT and…

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