iOS Mobile Application: as Safe as Bank, as Fast as a Messenger


The client was a Latvia-based FinTech startup that wanted to create a personal platform for financial services. The primary goal was to create something unique in the already fully established FinTech market. The secondary goal was to create a modern and easy way to encourage young millennials to use it. We have appointed a dedicated team to work on the project. In essence, imagination and MIS were the key factors we had to work with.

Requirements to the platform included:

  • To create a simple authentication to allow people to manage all their accounts in one place.
  • Stabilizing the solution management platform
  • Creating the Android and Apple apps for the customer’s devices.
Banking & Fintech services
Integrations, Core Banking
Java, JavaScript, Angular, JSP/Spring, HTML/CSS, Oracle


When beginning this project we concentrated our efforts initially on the launcher’s multi-page UI. This allowed us quick access for creating different profiles and managing applications. Then we created a special browser that allowed children to open educational apps in “safe mode” to prevent kids from having to go online to access the program. We also created an app to configure the device during the first launch called Setup. It helped to adjust screen resolution, profile creation, and customization of Android for desktop. All the information and data about the children’s user accounts and applications are stored in the cloud.

FortySeven - iOS Mobile Application: as Safe as Bank, as Fast as a Messenger


As a result, the customer has successfully entered the market with a new fresh platform as they desired. Due to the establishment of clear and effective communications between all teams and parties, the project was finished within the deadline. Now the FortySeven team keeps the project continuously in testing and maintains support for the Client app if needed. FortySeven helped the customer to:

  • Release an online platform with easy and fun features
  • Stabilize the solution management platform
  • Create platforms for iOS
  • Implement new software tools for the company to use internally to speed everything up

We have divided the work into daily stand-ups by constantly sharing ideas with weekly sprints. It was important for us to create not only the Fintech platform for money flow but also make it game-like. We provided achievement presentation and results to our clients. Moreover, the FortySeven team constantly discussed project issues and unconventional tasks to help create the best product for our client.