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Nowadays practically every major industry is looking for ways to utilize the rapidly growing technology for efficiency. We’ve prepared an Artificial Intelligence infographic.

Stuart Russell, a Professor of Computer Science at Berkeley, winner of the IJCAI Computers And Thought Award, Fellow of the Association for Computing Machinery, Fellow of the American Academy for the Advancement of Science, Director of the Center for Intelligent Systems, Blaise Pascal Chair in Paris, etc, etc. on his website writes:

conjoined a“The field of AI has operated for over 50 years on one simple assumption: the more intelligent, the better. To this must be conjoined an overriding concern for the benefit of humanity. The argument is very simple:n overriding concern for the benefit of humanity. The argument is very simple:

1. AI is likely to succeed.

2. Unconstrained success brings huge risks and huge benefits…”

FortySeven Software Professionals has prepared an infographic that shows what can we expect in near future.

What can we expect from Artificial Intelligence? Infographic  - 2024 - 3

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