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Forbes: The Future Is Connected: What Businesses Should Consider When Implementing IoT Technology - 2024 - 3

The number of IoT devices worldwide is expected to rise from 9.7 billion in 2020 to more than 29 billion by 2030, and researchers are predicting that China is expected to have the highest number of IoT devices by 2030. This growth can perhaps be connected to the increased understanding of this technology.

The concept of the IoT refers to a rapidly growing network of objects that communicate with each other and other internet-enabled devices via the internet. Implementing IoT allows remote monitoring and control of the physical world, ultimately providing organizations with a host of benefits. This integration of devices and communication creates big data, which offers insights for valuable decision making. Multiple researchers have studied and documented IoT’s potential benefits for organizations.

Our team has prepared an article that will help you to find out what you should consider as a business owner before implementing the IoT technology. Read the full article in FORBES.