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With the increasing trend of remote working and online businesses, some lesser people still prefer working in offices. As the entrepreneurship vibe has taken over traditional mode of business, remote working and freelancing have appeared as a new breed, especially now due to new circumstances.

The significance and need for IT-related services are increasing by large. We believe that flexible workspace plays a critical role in making businesses more competitive and efficient. Though businesses must change their mentality and embrace a different stylesort of workplace. This is a two-way street, where both will benefit. 

FortySeven Software Professionals has prepared an infographic, check our report regarding remote working trends. 

But first let’s clarify what does it mean ‘remote working’ and is it the same as the ‘digital workplace’.

Remote Work is branded by many terms like telecommuting, telework, virtual work, etc. It all describes an employees working and carrying out their responsibilities outside of their office spaces.

Remote Working – is a concept that allows professionals to successfully complete their work without a connection to the local traditional office environment. Usually it is based on the results-oriented work culture, when employees don’t have exact working hours, but they are motivated to successfully complete the task in time working whenever and wherever they want.

Remote working is not the same as ‘digital workplace’. You can find more about it here.

They say that remote working increases job satisfaction, is environmentally friendly. Remote workers are more likely to be happier and healthier, they are more productive and make more money. Is it true? We tried to use the most trustable researchers and statistics to show the remote working trends of 2020. Check it. 

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Final Thoughts

Every business, no matter what size and kind, needs software development services. As remote software developers have proven to be more advantageous and profitable, businesses prefer hiring remote software development services. Even though hiring a reliable company is challenging, and there are always risks attached, it is not difficult to avert those risks. You need to be careful and critical. This way, you can hire a credible company. Next, get ready to enjoy the benefits. The right software rightly developed can take your business to places. Lesser costs, higher productivity, better services, and much more. 

If you have any issues regarding the remote working, FortySeven Software Professionals will help you to create a such Digital Workplace that totally covers your requirements and needs, in synergy with tools you prefer to use, adding some that will give you profitable growth. Digital Workplace includes the creation and implementation of new procedures, documentation, adaption of the IT infrastructure, etc. Digital Workplace puts all IT tools in synergy to make remote daily operations work. To know more write to info@fortyseven47.com or talk to our specialist +44 2 071 013 530.  We are here to help you to solve any IT issue.