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FortySeven Software Professionals has been participating at Europe’s leading energy trade fair, E‑world energy and water 2019 at Messe Essen. Around 780 exhibitors from 26 countries were presenting their products innovative products and services to the once more over 25,000 trade visitors.

Digitalisation is opening up totally new development potential for the sector. Intelligent solutions are networking the energy supply of whole districts, are controlling the electricity consumption of the households while conserving resources and are strengthening the infrastructure of electromobility. The same is for gas sector.

“We have experienced three intensive days on the FortySeven Software Professionals’ booth. That is indicative not only of an interesting products and services portfolio but also of an attractive fair as a whole. The proportion of customers from European states was high. We registered a high demand for the custom software development services of FortySeven. In this exhibition were also participating our customers from Gas and Oil industry, among them R4G. We used the fair as well as a platform in order to establish or strengthen the contacts to other companies. Correspondingly, we see the possibility of meeting the relevant contacts for the European business in order to jointly work on complex softwre solutions with them. E world energy & water has consolidated its position as the leading fair in the energy industry in Europe”, concluded FortySeven’ team.

fortyseven software professionals in e world energy and water 2019

During the exhibition, in most of the halls, there were happening panel discussions, and tone of the main idea was clearly defined as, digital innovations will play an important role for the future of the energy and gas sectors. Because intelligently equipped, networked appliances and buildings can conserve resources to a decisive extent. Exhibitors showed how energy management across different sectors can function by supplying houses or districts with locally generated energy and integrating electric vehicles. Vehicles which are driven by biomethane from straw bales caused a stir, as did smart street lights which offer WLAN, indicate free parking spaces and serve as charging stations for e cars. Innovative decisions of gas optimization were introduced as well. For example, R4G presented a unique algorithm, that shows up to 30% savings for capacity bookings in Europe. According to their platform, cost reduction for the whole European transmission system could reach millions of Euro daily. Many of these pioneering solutions for the energy and gas sectors were being developed by young firms and start-ups.

According to official statistics, 96% of the visitors and 97% of the exhibitors have now already declared that they want to participate in the next E world energy & water which will take place at Messe Essen from February 11 to 13, 2020.

fortyseven software professionals in e world energy and water 2019