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FortySeven Software Professionals had participated at the Europe’s leading trade fair for the energy industry EWorld Energy and Water 2022 at Messe Essen. 

Due to the pandemic, the E-world Energy and Water has been forwarded from February 2020 to June 2022. And thanks to moving the event, not cancelling it, all the exhibitors, visitors have had a great opportunity to know the news in the industry, to speak about the trends and meet the old players of the market. Total 736 exhibitors – almost at pre-pandemic levels – from 27 nations showcased their innovations for sustainable energy supply during the trade. 

EWorld Energy and Water 2022: FortySeven Software Professionals - 2024 - 11

About EWorld

The majority of the trade visitors came to Messe Essen from energy suppliers, public utility companies and service companies, particularly with the intention of finding out about the trade and production of energy, services, mobility and IT. The companies presented solutions for the energy transition, in which digitalization plays a major role. Products and services related to diversified energy production, storage solutions and e-mobility were presented as important pillars on the way to achieving sustainable energy supply.

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“There was no better moment for the players of the Energy industry to reconnect after a long time. Many things have been changed. We are speaking not only about post-pandemic changes in the habits of the business owners, but also about the rising prices for natural resources and sanctions that imposed on countries exporting bioresources. The International Monetary Fund is concerned about the impact of energy prices on a global economy still recovering from the Covid-19 pandemic. And In the long run, the way to avoid high gas prices is to speed up – not slow down – our transition to a clean energy future. And this idea was extremely popular to hear from the new and existing players of the market. 

It’s worth admitting that we’ve met many new companies, startups that just established their business. And for us, as for the company that has a great experience working with both: startups and government corporations, it’s been a high honor to become a helpful and trustworthy partner for the new growing companies. 

Renewable energy, green hydrogen, efficient energy and power wind solutions and, of course, the implementation and maintenance of all the solutions by a strong and competent IT team – it’s how we see the next few years of the developing the market. 

I need also to admit that participating in Essen from the year to year provided us with strong partnerships at the market. Again and again we see the possibility of meeting the relevant contacts in order to jointly work on complex software solutions with them”, – admitted CEO of FortySeven. 

EWorld Energy and Water 2022: FortySeven Software Professionals - 2024 - 15
EWorld Energy and Water 2022: FortySeven Software Professionals - 2024 - 17

The leading trade fair also confirmed its appeal at a European level: More than one in every four trade fair visitor had travelled from outside Germany. 93 percent of visitors and 95 percent of exhibitors also wish to take part in the next E-world energy & water, which will be held from 23 to 25 May 2023 at Messe Essen.

See you next year in Essen!