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FortySeven’ ambassador in Tel Aviv has been participating in the meeting of innovators by Axis. The meeting was held for venture capitals firms, private investors from all around the world: Israel, Brasil, Spain, France, Italy, Mexico, Cyprus, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Russia, Canada etc. All of them were looking for perspective projects.

The main idea of such kind of events is to show people how the world is changing and how technologies can make our lives better.

Only three percent of the respondents stated that they believed that AI and machine learning will have no impact on society in general within the next 2 years, according to the statistic of Statista in 2018.

In the meantime, Dr. Michael Chui, a partner at McKinsey Global Institute, during his interview for PMI, said that all the sectors and regions will be affected by the effects of automation, including AI, machine-learning, digitization, and robotics. He also mentioned that It’s important to “understand the art of the possible and try to stay at least abreast, if not ahead, of what these technologies can do.”

During the Axis event, there were startups which showed that AI could help in future even in agriculture sector. According to the UN, food production will need to rise by 70% by 2050 to meet growing demand. In recent years cutting edge technologies have converged together to provide a revolution in agricultural production. Using such technologies as AI (Artificial Intelligence), ML (Machine Learning) and IOT (Internet of Things) will definitely change the way food is grown, stored, and sold. This was one the main topics of Israeli startup FruitSpec.

AI, ML, IOT, Data analytics are impacting customer decisions. Nowadays, companies can create a better customer experience using new methods. Even a growing population demanding improved healthcare and rising costs of providing it has created vast changes in digital health, transforming the whole system with new technologies. Startup EyeControl helped to understand all the participators how the technologies can improve our lives. It is the first wearable assistive communication device that uses AI-powered, eye tracking technology to enable individuals with medical problems such as ALS, stroke, or brain injury to communicate using eye movements. The whole auditory was so enthusiastic when the project was presented.

Meanwhile, the fintech sphere was also presented during the event. StartUpers are still inventing new forms of management platforms for payments, new platforms that delivers infrastructure and promises independent secure network for consumers.

The main message of the event was that new digital platforms combined with robotics, AI, and other technologies are disrupting the way people work and the way businesses run. Generally, this technology convergence gives business efficiency and productivity.

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