Personnel Audit

Personnel audits are necessary for all kinds of organizations, especially to manage their human resource needs more effectively. Personnel audit has different objectives and benefits according to the company current needs and talent for the management. It is an objective and independent review and assessment of the condition and suggestion of solutions to increase the effectiveness of the individuals. FortySeven' experts will help you to build the efficient team.

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Personal Performance

Personnel audits involve an assessment of the skills within the organization and their organization into a structure. It's an important part of any company’s experience to its employees. After conducting a detailed personnel audit, the senior management can answer questions about distributing work more equally throughout the employees, identifying the most competent employees for specific positions, and managing employee productivity more aggressively.

Optimize Human Resources

The goal of any personnel audit is to monitor the same audit throughout the entire organization for fairness. If your company will take Personnel Audit services in time, you find yourself better at what you were doing because any errors that were hindering your progress are taken away. Working closely with FortySeven you can improve the performance of the company and optimize human resources. Our experts will provide you with the advanced human resource management system.

Accurate Results

Throughout the year, your company must have made some important decisions as well as implementing policies that may change the company's future records. These policies affect employees as well because they can either improve their efficiency or provide personal resentment towards whatever is done. Personnel Audit is all about evaluating such policies and recognizing any problems that may have occurred during the year with regard to employees. Any practices/procedures that help with efficiency must go through an evaluation. This helps provide accurate results of whether or not the decisions made in the previous year were helpful.

Company Hierarchy System

Another view on the matter states that personnel management takes into account the productivity of every individual who is working in the company. It gives them a sort of report card that helps them see their flaws and try to improve. Once an organization has gone through a personnel audit, they experience an improvement in the overall utilization of the human resource, which increases productivity.

The final goal is to make sure the employees inside the organization are well aware of how to meet challenges head-on and always communicate between the company hierarchy system.

Personnel Audit Services Include

Process Assessment

Our personnel audit covers assessment of the systems and processes used by the human resource department, especially for recruiting, and training and developing the workforce.

Skill Assessment

We conduct a comprehensive analysis of the skills and competencies present in the organization in the form of its employees, and if these are sufficient to meet the needs of the organization.

Distribution of Responsibility and Authority

We advise our clients about the more efficient distribution of power and responsibility between management and staff.

Staffing Needs

Our audit also includes an assessment of staffing levels, based on which we advise our clients about whether the organization has too much staff in one or more areas, or whether the organization needs to recruit new talent.

What Makes Our Personnel Audit Services Unique

A Competency-Based Approach

Our approach to personnel audit depends on a competency model, where we focus on the availability of specific talents and competencies within the workforce what can help the management to achieve the goals of the organization.

Performance Audit

Our personnel audit covers not only the systems but also the performance levels of different departments, which supports the ongoing efforts of the human resource department to identify various performance issues.

Implementation Support

We stand by our commitment to help our clients implement our recommendations by proposing the necessary changes within the current structure and systems of the organization.

Job Creation and Design

We offer professional consultation in the creation of new jobs and positions within the organization as well as revising current job profiles and descriptions.

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