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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software allows businesses to progress and succeed. CRM solutions take a solid approach to better customer relationships. Through real-time data collection, documentation, analytics, higher engagement, and well-managed inventory, CRM has proved to be the best solution for longer, sustained, and profitable relationships with customers. CRM is now expected to reach more than $80 billion in revenues by 2025.

With custom CRM offered by IT experts such as FortySeven professionals, customer-business relationships are stronger than ever before.

To put it simply, all the businesses need CRM solutions for enhanced business value, efficiency, and higher profits. Here’s a list of some prominent businesses that need CRM:

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1. Real Estate

Real estate needs to be in direct contact with its customers all the time. This is the type of business where customers frequently and regularly flow in. Failing to record and update real-time data puts real estate dealers at the disadvantageous end.

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2. Manufacturing

Manufacturers get orders from different customers at the same time. Without using CRM, it becomes difficult to track the order process and delivery. As traditional ways of order tracking do not work now and render the overall process quite inefficient, using CRM is the best way forward.

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3. Wholesale Suppliers

Wholesale suppliers need to maintain contacts with manufacturers as well as clients. This complexity often results in poor communication and coordination. With CRM, all of such problems can be addressed efficiently.

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4. Healthcare

Healthcare is another significant sector where CRM can deliver enormous benefits. It can keep a record of patient data, offer detailed analytics and reports, and allow the real-time update. This way, CRM helps enhance integration and cooperation among physicians, pharmacies, and other important components of the healthcare industry.

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5. Banking and Finance

Banking and finance largely need CRM to maintain records of the clients as well as offer new products and services. With CRM, marketing becomes easier too. Also, it delivers positive results. CRM helps the banking and finance sector to keep track of customer transactions, payments, repayments, and a lot more through a single platform.

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6. Insurance

Insurance is another business sector that deals with a wide range of clients. Daily, thousands of people buy life policies of different kinds. For a large insurance company, it is impossible to do bookkeeping manually. CRM comes as an effective software to help deal with such a vast amount of data.

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7. Information Technology

Information technology is the one to introduce CRM, and the credit goes to the fact that IT itself needed to get better at customer service. With more and more people inclining towards IT products and services, CRM has helped IT keep a good record as well as look into data for feedback, order delivery, and enhanced communication with clients.

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8. Energy Companies

Energy companies such as oil and gas also face the need for CRM. With increasing competition among energy companies, it has become important to attract and satisfy customers. Moreover, CRM allows energy companies to make quicker and better decisions based on customers’ feedback.

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9. Logistics

Logistics is in dire need of CRM to track deliveries efficiently in this fast-paced world. On-time shipments are the key to success in the logistics business. For that, better communication and data analytics is required. CRM has proved to be helpful for logistic companies. Imagine how beneficial it could become for your company?


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No matter which business sector you belong to, customer satisfaction is the key to a profitable business. To earn a good reputation, it is important to manage relations with your customers better than your competitors are. To respond to queries on time, be available 24/7, and offer regular updates – CRM comes as the potential solution.

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