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Nowadays, programmers are always in high demand. Especially the one who have expertise in Node.JS. Whether it’s on a freelance basis or as a full time position, a lot of different businesses are looking for software development solutions.

But if you’re new to this space and aspire to work in the field, there’s a lot of information you need to know. So I decided to put together this guide on why Node.js development is probably the best career move you could possibly make.

Whether you’re new or experienced there’s a lot you can gain from working with a company that specializes in this kind of development.

For the sake of keeping this guide accessible I’m going to look over some basic information about Node.js. Things like: What it is, what it does, and why you as a programmer should care about it.

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Understanding Node.js Development

So first off, it’s not a programming language. This is a common myth about it, and before I can tell you what it is I need to be clear on what its not. And I repeat, it isn’t a programming language in and of itself. And neither is it a framework. Wild stuff right?

This might be confusing to some, who are probably wondering how its used for software development if that’s the case.

Here’s the secret, it’s an environment that uses Javascript framework. It’s server-side and lets you have a great degree of control over web development.

In the past if you wanted a server-side web app using Java you would need the additional knowledge of another language like Python or PHP. But with Node.js you completely step over that hurdle because everything exists within the ecosystem of Javascript.

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What Makes It Special?

There are 3 main qualities of Node that make it the preferred choice of many web design companies. And they are:

  • It’s open source
  • Works front end and back end so it’s full stack
  • It functions cross platform

So, keeping this in mind the picture becomes clearer. Node.js allows for software development with the maximum amount of benefits from Javascript. Which means that the latter fills in any of the gaps in the former.

Adding on top of that, it’s powered by Google’s V8 engine. This leads to a pretty powered up and lightweight environment. Which means clients will see their projects attended to faster.

And on that note, the clients themselves get the additional benefit of easy communication thanks to Node being full stack. This is best seen with Paypal and their successful handling of requests. They’re able to review and respond to customers very quickly. 

The same principle applies to e commerce platforms or mobile app development. Where management relies on consistent feedback to maintain quality assurance.

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The Benefits Of Joining A Node.js Development Company

First I’m going to list off what the benefits are and then I’ll break down those points further.

  • The convenience of using an accessible scripting tool like Javascript
  • High salary packages
  • Web development specialists are always in high demand
  • Highly varied nature of work
  • The technology involved is very scalable

The Accessibility of Javascript

Java has been around for a really long time now. And in that time they’ve become the most popular programming tool all over the world. Read about Java here.

Because of this, you will probably start out learning Java in the first place. Which means you’ll quickly be capable of entering the workforce.

Plus, Javascript is known for how well it streamlines web design and other projects.

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Guaranteed High Salary

While yeah, at first you won’t be making 6-figures. You’re still poised to earn more than virtually any entry level job. 

Thanks to the Internet, everything has become data intensive and a lot of labor is needed to pull it off. As someone with a specialized skill in Node.js development your expertise is high in demand.

Without fail this translates into a lot of monetary incentive. Since development companies are eager for talented people to stick around.

Job Security No Matter What

Like I said, these companies want people to stay long term. But sometimes a business ends up downsizing and then a bunch of people are out of luck. Other times the economy is just in rough shape.

As a programmer with Node.js expertise you’re invaluable to whichever software development company you work for. And even if you have some bad luck and end up fired, there are ample opportunities elsewhere.

The importance of having well trained Node.js developers literally can’t be understated in the job market. There will always be a decent number of folks eager to hire you.

Varied Work

If your attention span is short or if you just plain old hate monotony, this job is ideal for you. You aren’t confined to mobile app development or web apps.

The nature of your work will entail all kinds of projects. At a software development agency, you’ll have access to clients from myriad industries. Meaning that the humdrum of most other jobs will never quite set in. Plus if you have a preference for any type of work, management will give you the freedom to pursue that as well.

Possible tasks could be related to:

  • Consulting
  • Engineering
  • Videogame development

Scalable As Ever

Generally, this refers to how easily your technology or scripting tools can be modified in order to prevent obsolescence.

 Web applications are constantly evolving and any firm trying to stay in business will need to invest in their development.

Thankfully, in the case of Node.js this is pretty easy to achieve. Being cross platform also helps out with this. Since the assets are already designed without dependencies on any one software, only minor changes will ever be needed.

So you won’t have to learn a whole new set of tools or anything. Just have to work with what you’ve already got.

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Development Company Vs. Freelancing

Freelancing has become exceedingly popular now that we have the Internet but in terms of Node.js development, how does it stack up?

There are some obvious benefits like a flexible schedule but does that compete strongly enough against joining a company?


When you freelance you’re an independent contractor and aren’t protected by certain employer guarantees. It’s work that comes on a per project basis.

  • Flexible hours
  • Good for entry level work
  • Jobs are hard to find
  • Plenty of scammers will try to exploit you

There’s definitely a lot of uncertainty involved and the pay off is seldom worth it. Especially at the beginning.

Development Company

First off, as an employee you get a lot of protections like severance pay. There’s also more space for growth so you might transition from being a developer to management in some years.

  • Schedule is fixed
  • Guidance and training opportunities available
  • Space is competitive
  • Job security
  • Consistent income

For someone starting out, the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks. Working at a development company is an excellent way to build on your skills while also making good money.

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Still Unsure About Node?

When trying to figure out the direction of your career, it’s good to be cautious. So if you’re uncertain and still need more convincing let’s talk about some of the benefits of working in Node.js development.

Working In Real Time

Mobile development, e commerce platforms, and other social media entities all require real time web development.

What Node.js provides in these cases, is an event driven server with non blocking properties. Ideal for any platform that is centered on gaming or messaging. 

An Easy Data Sharing Solution

With other web frameworks, if you want to stream data you need to be thorough in assessing the I/O handling. 

With Node you can just start streaming the data right away because it can transcode and upload media files simultaneously. 

Consistent Development

Many open source platforms love how user friendly it is. As more and more web apps and companies embrace it, Node.js regularly introduces more features.

So any project your clients request will likely have a built in solution with this environment.

Earn Favor With SEO

Another great incentive for working with Node, is that search engines are more likely to boost the visibility of your apps.

Google assesses a lot of different factors through their algorithm technology and it just so happens that using Node is a great way to gain it’s approval.

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What You Can Accomplish

Now let’s look at specific cases where this is the ideal solution for the development of your software and apps.

Like I’ve said earlier, there are a variety of ways that you can work with this environment. But some of the most typical uses are:

  • Simplified lightweight apps
  • HTML standard apps
  • Chat software and other request based services
  • Centralized databases
  • Dashboard integration

Each of these is carried out very simply since Node simplifies the process of handling big data server side.

Not only that, but its interface is capable of achieving a wide range of diverse tasks. So the actual code itself has more flexibility and utility than other languages.


What if I don’t know anything about Java?

Obviously you would need more time to learn the ropes and even more time to apply that knowledge sensibly. 

You’re essentially starting from scratch so be patient with yourself.

How much experience do companies typically look for?

That depends on the position they’re hiring for. Many entry level jobs exist so fresh graduates should have their fair share of opportunities to apply for.

Does knowing other scripting tools help?

With Node, it only matters to know Java. It’s definitely an asset to have other languages under your belt. Many employers will see that as a confidence booster.
But at the same time it’s not necessary or required. So if you already know another scripting language, great! But if you don’t then that’s not an issue either.

What if I’m not sure about what sort of projects to take?

That’s completely fine! At first there’s a lot of hesitation in mind. Make an effort to try different things. Volunteer your services for all sorts of different tasks and gauge how you feel.

What if I prefer Freelancing?

That’s definitely valid if that’s your own preference. My only advice would be that you need to really work hard to crack it.


Programming and coding have become an exceedingly competitive space. You have to do what you can to stand out and prove to employers that you have the necessary skillset for the services they provide.

If you begin to invest yourself into Node.js, you will immediately be on the radar for many different companies.

The second you mention it, they will instantly know how irreplaceable you are within the scope of their work.

The adaptability and versatility of your skill will shine through and you will definitely secure a lot of opportunities to train further and build your knowledge or create apps that are sure to blow away everyone.

If you are looking for Node.JS developer, contact us.