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How To Bring Gamification Into Your Business - 2023 - 5

Gamification has different definitions. Mainly it’s an opportunity for people to be motivated by being rewarded for some action. 

Today you can see many examples of gamification that are used in the business world. Starting from huge corporations: the system of gamification for employees, ending with conversational agents, like Alexa. 

Our team has prepared an article dedicated to this topic. You can read the full text in Forbes.

You do something, you get something – this is the basic principle of gamification. When implementing it to different businesses and developing processes, you can face some challenges, like: 

How To Bring Gamification Into Your Business - 2023 - 7
  1. Integration into the existing system
  2. Keeping track of the progress
  3. Staying Fair

Read the full text here.