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Forbes: How To Improve Latency Time For A Better Customer Experience - 2023 - 3

Latency time is everywhere. It’s basically the time between when a customer performs an action (like clicking a button or swiping their screen) and receives the result created by this action.

It’s the same for both websites and mobile apps. Of the 4.5 billion people who used the internet in 2022, 4 billion of them used their mobile devices. The ownership proportion of mobile devices stands at 56%, while desktop stands at 42%. With more people using their phones to shop, it’s becoming even more important to understand the impacts of latency.

Our team has prepared an article that will help you to find out what are the steps that will help you to improve latency time, how you should measure the latency time and what are the key points in this process. Read the full article in FORBES.