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Biometric technology is a kind of technology where the biology of human beings is used for identification purposes. We know every person has a different biological structure of some organs and body parts. Just think about our face, iris of the eye, fingerprint. Those all are different from one another. So, the scientist thought, why now using this to identify people. From this thinking, biometric technology was invented. These biometric technologies are making their way into the workplace now. 

From statistics, we can know that now 90% of business owners use biometric technology in their own companies, where 57% are using fingerprint identifications and the others using facial recognition. It has turned to be a game-changer in the business and workplaces. 

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History, processes, and use of modern biometric technology nowadays: 

First of all, fingerprint recognition as an identification system in technology was first introduced by police. In the UK, the Metropolitan Police started the use of biometrics for identification in 1901. In the USA it was initiated by the New York police in 1902 and by the FBI in 1924. In this technology, a fingerprint scanner is required. The scanner first scans the fingerprint of any of your fingers. And a memory or storage is needed. This memory will save your fingerprint. Then the software is programmed to unlock your device or access your files when it matches the two fingerprints. For access to your file or data, your fingerprint has no other option here. The fingerprint is used for identification for many years. When humankinds did not know how to write, they used fingerprints as a method of identification. Here, modern science just introduced the technologies with the old techniques. 

The second one is facial recognition. It is the most exciting thing to talk about. Because we all can identify other people when we see their faces. But how can a machine recognize you by seeing your face? Modern science is so developed that they have found a way out. Woody Bledsoe invented facial recognition in the 1960s. But modern science upgrades this technology a lot. They introduce artificial intelligence in it. Face recognition involves four steps. The first of them is face detection, then face alignment. After that, the next steps are feature extraction, and the last one is face recognition. For these, we need a camera, a storage and a device with software. Camera works as an eye of the device. It helps to detect the face. Then the software alignment the face. After alignment, the software extracts the feature and saves it to memory. When we try to unlock the lock, the camera then scans our faces. The software looks for similarities. When it finds similarities, it opens the device. It is simple. 

And now, let us talk about the iris scanner. It is now the most secure and safe recognition system. Here the video image of the iris is used to identify the person. Our iris of eyes is different from others. They have different colors as well as different structure and sizes. So, we can use this easily to differentiate people. In this process, a camera, software, and device are needed. But it does not work from a distance of more than 1 meter. Another recognition system based on the eye is retinal scanning. It is an ocular-based biometric technology. The blood vessels of the retina are differing from one another, and this theory is used here.

Another well-known biometric advanced technology is voice recognition. We know our voice sound is unique from others. So, it can be used to identify a specific person. Here one recorded voice is matched with the new one the device or file is open. 

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Why should we use biometric technology in the workplace?

Even today, safety is a big concern for us. When safety is for our privacy and data, things get more serious. The four-digit pins or passwords nowadays can be easily hacked by hackers. If our personal and business information goes to third parties’ hands, we have nothing to do then. They can use our personal and business information anywhere and can blackmail us. It may be a significant loss of our property, money as well as respect. Things can not go like that. We need more strong security for our data and personal information. For this reason, biometric technology is a hot cake for us. 

Biometric technology can produce more accurate security and much strong safety to our files and data. How? When we use our fingerprint or face or iris of our eyes to unlock our data or information, do you think any out comer person has the opportunity to access it anyhow? No, that’s not even possible. Because your fingerprint, your face, and iris are only yours. Only you have it, and only you can use it. So, isn’t it the safest security? 

Now, let’s come to another point. In a business or workplace, time is counted as money. So, if you control your time, you have more chances to profit. In a company, it is hard to observe the working hours of the employee and their overtime as well as attendance. These are time-consuming processes. But modern biometric technology makes it simple and more accessible. It saves both money and time. 

You can see today some of mobile companies are using biometric technologies to give the best security system to their customers. They are using fingerprints as well as face unlock systems to open the devices and access their data. In fingerprint unlock, you have to verify whenever you try to unlock your phone or receive calls and text messages. Also, facial recognition is a must when you want to access your application, gallery, media, and emails on modern intelligent devices now.  This is saving our time typing those big passwords. Sometimes we also forget our passwords. This can help us not to remember them. 

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What are the benefits of biometric in the workplace? 

  • Workplace security
  • Security of office
  • Increases productivity of employees
  • Enhances job satisfaction
  • Increased security of personal information of employees
  • Control over the sensitive information
  • Easy and safe to use

Workplace security

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Different biometric technologies measure diverse aspects of human anatomy. Though in general it offers the promise of an easy, secure method to make highly accurate verifications of individuals. Talking about personal life, it prevents the use of forged tickets, badges, or passports. People are already being verified by biometrics in airports, office buildings, hospitals, parks, shops and so on. Biometric technology is all around us, it helps to save time, let’s say when you just put your finger on a laptop and open it, make a payment and so on, and it also provides us more security. Biometric technology is a blessing of modern science. That’s why concentrating on the benefits that we can get from the biometric technologies will help us to adapt more quickly to the changed environment. Talk to our expert to know more.