ai impact on humans welcome microsoft hololens 2

Microsoft has unveiled the latest iteration of its mixed reality headset on February 26 during the 2019 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. This data now is considering as a new direction of the future. And it’s not only about the new strategy of Microsoft for tackling augmented reality, it’s more about the possibilities for employees.

Not anyone can buy a new model of HoloLens, it’s intended solely for corporate customers only. ‘Expressions of interest for HoloLens 2 pre-orders are only being collected currently for the US, France, Germany, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom’, is written at the Microsoft website. Hololens 2 is available for pre-order now at a price of $3,500.

With HoloLens 2 people will be able to interact seamlessly with a mixed reality environment, to push virtual buttons, construct engineer solutions, make conference calls in augmented reality and so on.

The target audience of HoloLens 2 definitely are surgeons. They will be able to see a 3D map of the patient’s internal organs; factory workers or mechanics who can quickly check the instructions for assembling or maintaining a particular part. Holograms can not only be observed, but also interacted with them: 3D-objects hanging in the air can be stretched, reduced, moved and circumvented. This is a unique innovation that will change the things we used to see. When adopting Virtual and Augmented Reality into your projects, be sure to have right specialists with deep expertise.

ai impact on humans welcome microsoft hololens 2PhotoCredit: Microsoft

All the experts who were recognised to the HoloLens 1st generation said that the new model of augmented reality glasses is much better. The viewing angle of HoloLens 2 is twice higher, glasses are more comfortable to wear on the head, and it detects physical objects in the room better. Microsoft says that a person perceives a computer image as if there was a 2K resolution screen in front of his eyes. By the way eye tracking capabilities have been vastly upgraded to allow for hands-free interaction with holograms.This enables interactions like scrolling to the end of a document by simply looking at the bottom of the page. Microsoft also has refined its hand tracking technology, which renders a 3D model of users’ hands in real time and allows for natural interactions with holographic objects.

ai impact on humans welcome microsoft hololens 2PhotoCredit: Microsoft

If you thought that George Orwell was a fantasy writer, now you can be sure that we are exploring his future.

Technical Specifications

Voice command and control capabilities on-device, natural language processing with internet connectivity

6 degrees of freedom tracking: world-scale positional tracking

Spatial mapping: real-time environment mesh

Mixed reality capture: mixed hologram and physical environment photos and videos

Qualcomm Snapdragon 850 Compute Platform

Microsoft’s proprietary holographic processing unit

BlueTooth 5.0

USB-C Charging

Optics: See-through holographic lenses (waveguides)

Resolution: 2K 3:2 light engines

Holographic Density: >2.5k radiants (light points per radian)

Eye-based rendering: Display optimization for 3D eye position

An Azure Kinect sensor to track depth

An accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer to track body motions

Camera capable of 8 megapixel photos and 1080p video at 30 frames per second

Microphone array: 5 channels

Speakers: built-in, spatial audio

Speakers: built-in, spatial audio

ai impact on humans welcome microsoft hololens 2PhotoCredit: Microsoft

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