User Activity Analytics Tool for Artificial Intelligence Training


Our client has included FortySeven in the artificial intelligence-based SDK development. Regarding the software development group, data related to user activities goes to a neural network. The latter analyzes self-learning information and its further use in artificial intelligence applications, such as flight planners or personal organizers. To ensure the achievement of the SDK, the quality of learning turns out to be the main objective. For this purpose, the client asked FortySeven to create a data analysis tool that can collect information on user hobbies, excursions, driving speed, or even mood swings. By gathering the maximum information, SDK-based solutions will easily plan the day or trip, choose the right music for an effective or relaxing workout, influence luxury, and boost morale. We've created the task of creating a tool to analyze what was happening to users.

The features included:

  • Before providing the artificial neural network with the self-scan source, the application is installed on mobile devices with the prior approval of the users
  • While busy working, shopping, or spending time at home, the user activity analysis tool monitors their behavior and snaps photos of them from time to time to track mood swings
  •  The app works in the background collecting information based on a sample of 400-500 people and sends it to the server for follow-up training
  • An app’s user can pick out the object by scanning a barcode or QR code
High Tech
Mobile Application Development
Java, Mobile, Android SDK, iOS SDK, Objective-C, SQLite, Retrofit


The heart is the data that is captured from different sensors, taking into account the abundance of them on any device. To make sure you get sensor information, access system features, check browsing history, or take pictures with the device's cameras, use our mobile development team for the iOS SDK and Android SDK.


The main requirements of the User Activity Analysis Tool are to collect all data from the user device. The following are the medium we used in collecting suitable data image:

  • Short message and E-mail
  • Broswer history and Gyroscopes
  • GPS and Manage notifications
  • Mobile apps: currently installed or already removed and Contact list
  • Front and Rear Cameras, Volume Control, Alerts, etc.

The User Activity Analytics tool collects information about user activities and behavior. We designed the User Activity Analytics tool to collect all kinds of information about users. The artificial intelligence-based SDKs use the tool to teach neural networks. They can be used to create a wide range of artificial intelligence applications, from the virtual assistant (VA) to smart radios.