Salesforce-Based Cloud CRM Solution


The dedicated FortySeven team was employed by an American client to develop a suitable and transparent Cloud CRM solution based on the platform. The solution contains a comprehensive set of functions to meet our clients' specific business needs.

Requirements to the platform included:

  • Create and manage business contracts and price lists
  • Create reminders for essential projects, tasks, and appointments
  • Organizing business leads, contacts, and opportunities
  • Create a customer-specific history and keep track of operational activities
  • View and send emails from Microsoft Outlook (2010-2013) within the CRM app
  • Create a customer-specific history and keep track of operational activities
  • Organize case management tools to manage and solve customer problems quickly
  • Integrate the solution with social networks and Google applications
Custom CRM Development
Web Application Development
Apex, LAMP, AJAX, JavaScript, jQuery, OAuth, REST, SOAP,, SalesForce1, Marketing Cloud


We exceeded SalesForce limits because business operations were running with a large amount of data. To address this issue, we optimized application and database architecture. Although SalesForce has a file size limit of 10MB, the customers request the ability to upload large files to SalesForce as one of his requirements. We implemented the page to download the large files using the REST API. Later, after deploying the app to the client's server, we saw a problem with data warehouse overflow, but we solved it easily using Google Drive integration.

FortySeven - Salesforce-Based Cloud CRM Solution


The developed CRM solution included such features as:

  • A customizable, cloud-based CRM solution with a user-friendly interface, easy navigation, and many features
  • The ability to sync data across customer and employee applications
  • Business logic integration: creator of processes and workflow rules
  • Integration with REST API Analytics and Marketing Cloud
  • A scalable and flexible solution based on configuration changes with the ability to add/remove specific modules

Cloud CRM solution for specific business needs. FortySeven has developed a customer relationship management system that helps our customers gain a 360-degree view of customer relationship management, thereby increasing the business's productivity.