Digital Signage Software for Advertising


The project aimed was to develop digital signage software for advertising based on a wide range of document formats. It can be used for outdoor advertisements (billboards). Clients can place LCD screens (digital TV, payment terminals, etc.) in supermarkets, hotels, public transport, airports, and other public places.

Requirements to the software included:

  • Advertising screens are connected to the client's computer and traffic between the computer to reduce the server
  • We designed the user interface to be simple and easy to use
  • The system provides the ability to adjust
Communication and Media
Desktop Application Development
PHP, С/C++, OpenOffice API, ImageMagick Library, LAMP


Our development team used PHP and C ++ technologies to develop the software. The software with the minimum workload can be used on the client's computer. The good news is that the software can work with poor internet connection conditions or even without internet access.


FortySeven has created a software that offers multi-level promotional media on LCD screens.The features includes:

  • This solution offers multi-level promotional media on LCD screens
  • The client utility contains a small set of functions where all calculations are done on the server-side and executed in PHP
  • Clients can operate the system for a long time without internet access using some materials and downloading a particular command file in advance

The FortySeven team has developed a digital signage solution that can display multi-level promotional media on LCDs using a lightweight Linux computer. The solution supports a wide range of document formats (photos, videos, flash, etc.). The developers working on this project are experts in Linux, PHP, and C ++.