Business Process Management System and KPI Assessments System


Based on client demand, the FortySeven' team had to develop a KPI evaluations and process management system that allows businesses to accomplished strategic planning goals, business operations management, and monitoring employee performance. The main goal was to create a server copy with additional review and focus on building the web interface.

Requirements to the software included:

  • Define areas of responsibility for carrying out tasks
  • Create control points according to processes and performers (indicators and metrics)
  • Create custom reports
  • Inbound performance analysis and key performance indicators (KPIs)
Consumer Goods and Services
Desktop Application Development
С/C++, .NET, ASP, SQL, JavaScript, Custom ASP Framework, jQuery, Bootstrap, Windows


The FortySeven' development team decided to develop a limited data access system. The administrator has full access to all departments, the department admin has dedicated access to the departments, and the user has limited access to all of the department's functions.


FortySeven has created a Business Process Management System to organize a business for enterprises. The features includes:

  • Flexible system configuration and intuitive user interface
  • Modeling the graphical process based on BMPN 2.0 specifications
  • Ease of use and system administration
  • Graphical tools for business process modeling

FortySeven has made a business process management system for enterprise business organizations. It can be successfully combined to monitor employee productivity and improve business efficiency continuously.