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What matters most, regardless of what type of organization you are running or what industry you’re involved with, is that you find new and innovative ways to grow your business. 

Many people are learning that the best way to drive business growth, generate new clients, and build a solid foundation which will last a decade revolves around the unrestricted power of modern technology more often than not.

The technology world is constantly evolving and constantly ready to provide businesses with new tools with more and more sophisticated functions, including vendor management enhanced and optimized.

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Case in point:

If you want your business to really be successful, you need to work with reputable suppliers to get better deals and build strong relationships. The more vendors your company has, the more difficult it is to keep track of all the accounts and ensure you’re getting the best deals.

Through the introduction of new vendor management tools procurement will be able to simplify the entire vendor management process. As a result, they will be able to source the best supplies and services at best prices. And they will achieve this by eliminating unnecessary spending.

In the event that your company hasn’t updated its vendor management tools in the recent past, you’re almost certainly at a disadvantage based on the fact that your competitor has probably invested in modern solutions.

When looking to take your procurement strategy to the next level and make your organization more efficient, you may want to invest in vendor management tools to get more sales results and revenue.

In this article, we explore the vendor management process, strategies needed to improve a vendor’s management, and tools to implement vendor management in your business.

Let’s get started.

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What is a vendor management system?

Vendor Management systems give businesses the ability to manage various aspects of vendor management, such as the initial contact, the final contracting or the establishment of the business relationship. Taking a modular approach, they typically include applications that handle issues like vendor onboarding and processing payments.

It is also a form of risk management to make sure vendors are managing their contracts – the actions of a single vendor can affect your finances negatively or positively. Regular audits will keep you away from relationships that are too financially unsustainable.

Vendor management can help you boost your business and accept both challenges simultaneously:

An easy and clear self-registration:

Managing Vendors provides all the required information about a supplier in a short time, taking the burden off procurement staff.

Customizable Application Forms:

You should present the requirements of your company on your application forms in order to simplify the pre-qualification process for your business. In order to achieve this, you should introduce the most crucial qualities of your company, including your needs and values. 

It is necessary to have certain requirements before applying for a company, such as the capability to manufacture products under its own brand, the ability to ensure to use an environmentally friendly production process, the ability to ship goods to certain countries, etc. This method of working ensures that you will only engage suitable suppliers, avoiding inherently wrong ones.

Open Zone Without Registration: 

There are multiple accounts that contribute to the expansion of your vendor community. In this way, their involvement with the system is simplified by giving small and midsize companies the chance to test the system without having to incur significant expenditures. 

While working with long-time suppliers may involve integrating their ERP platforms into the portal, smaller, new suppliers may be able to get away with accounts that have reduced functionality.

What does a vendor management system do?

Artificial intelligence can afford more opportunities for supply chain optimization, leaving less room for guesswork in so important an activity as vendor selection. Vendor tools handle burdensome tasks of vendor assessment and generate insightful insights based on the vast amount of vendor information, whether it is from existing vendors, data about potential vendors, or much more.

AI-powered vendor management models (which are combinations of selected algorithms) are created by integrating procurement and data scientists, in order to identify the most relevant and essential vendor performance indicators for the company. 

These variables include parametric variables such as the vendor’s current income and length of time on the market, and non-parametric variables such as the vendor company’s geographic location and recent financial status. As soon as the data has been encoded in the appropriate manner, the AI algorithms are applied to provide predictions about future vendor performance.

A Vendor Management tool enables a company to more quickly and efficiently evaluate multiple vendors who appear to offer the same product or service, eliminating the need for a partial assessment from their procurement staff.

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Why Vendor Management is Important?

Managing vendors is important for several reasons, including finding vendors that complement and streamline business activities. By finding the right vendors, your business can improve profits, save time, boost customer satisfaction levels, and more.

Vendor management can assist companies in achieving strategic goals, such as reducing costs and improving vendor onboarding.

In addition to this, vendors need to be managed effectively in order to prevent any disruptions in the supply chain. In addition to this, effective vendor management leads to stronger relationships with vendors, which leads to manageable rates.

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How can vendor management be improved?

Here are some steps companies can take to improve their vendor management process:

Evaluate the process

The ability to develop productive vendor relationships is essential for companies looking to maximize efficiency. Knowing what procurement goals are helps establish benchmarks for viable vendors who possess the abilities to align with company priorities.

Utilizing Vendor Management Systems to maximize any company’s value can be an arduous task. Request your free demo to read more about our tailor-made vendor management systems.

Optimize third-party spend

Companies must perform a detailed spend analysis in order to get detailed insight into their current spend. They will also benefit from making detailed decisions regarding the vendor management process.

Sort vendors smartly

It is essential to have a vendor management process that can categorize suppliers according to the industry and the company’s business objectives, and that assess their relevance for the business. This categorizes vendors into three groups.

This software has the following features:

There are a number of features included in a vendor management system, but keep an eye out for the following standard tools:

Audit Trail:

Businesses can maintain logs and track communications.

Data Management:

Develop and maintain a centralized repository for data.


Payments can be made and received by businesses.


Vendors can manage data sets from VMS’s portal.


Organizations can use analytics tools to track performance in areas such as service level agreements, supply contracts, and key performance indicators.

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Benefits of Vendor Management

A proven method of maximizing business vendor relationships is building effective, lasting vendor relationships. Your business should make an effort toward establishing an effective vendor management system, which should make vendors and their suppliers of goods and services certain important business partners for your company.

Implementing a vendor management structure in the company is crucial for the economic wellbeing of the company. It is necessary to implement a vendor management structure in order to facilitate activities.

What is the best vendor management software?

The following tools are the best vendor management tools in 2022 and can also be applied externally with vendors.

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Microsoft Office 365:

Most importantly, Office 365 is cloud-based, meaning you can run your business no matter what life offers.  With the Office 365 suite, employees can work remotely from anywhere in the world via an internet connection— giving them the opportunity to work from anywhere in the world.

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You can simplify and streamline your business with OnTask better than ever before. By making things more efficient and eliminating waste the smart way, you increase your productivity exponentially. 

Moreover, you create better processes, more efficient and high-speed processes, improve accuracy on tasks like contract management and vendor management, along with a whole lot more.

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No matter what setting your collaborating in — one-on-one or in a large team — with Slack you’ll be able to set up group chats, attach documents, complete Skype calls and more for a solid foundation your business needs for its continued evolution. 

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JotForm is an online form building and data management platform that can be used to digitize the vendor management process. Its ready-to-use vendor application & registration form templates and questionnaires help businesses handle tricky and time-consuming documentation tasks. You can onboard vendors into your system with just a few clicks and organize everything in one place to keep your vendor records clean. In addition to online forms, JotForm also offers many convenient tools to streamline approval processes, building reports, and editing PDFs in case your business already uses forms in PDF format.

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Basecamp is an organization tool that can be fully integrated into your business, letting you manage projects, schedules, and much more. 

In addition to reports built into the system that allow you to always see how your team is performing on a particular project, you will also receive mobile notifications that will make sure that you won’t miss a deadline.

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Oracle SCM Cloud:

Oracle SCM Cloud offers a supply chain management suite with manufacturing, distribution, inventory and fleet management capabilities.  The suite of applications offered by Microsoft Cloud offers procurement, inventory management, manufacturing, traceability and maintenance, in-memory cost management, visibility into the supply chain, collaboration and internet of things. 

For supply chains and manufacturing, product design, order management, supply chain planning, artificial intelligence, and machine learning applications are being developed.

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It is a software platform that automates the process of selling, buying, and fulfillment via a single unified dashboard.

They offer services for inventory management, drop-shipping, warehouses, customer relationship management, suppliers, replenishment, online stores, point of sales, telephone orders, shipping, fulfillment, integrated marketplaces, reporting, and analytics.


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Final Word:

In short, A vendor management software system enables businesses and vendors to collaborate, share information, and communicate openly, enabling them to meet supply chain requirements quickly and smoothly.  Throughout the years, these systems will drastically increase integration with supply chain management dashboards. Anything you buy from a software vendor should be able to interface with supply chain management and accounting tools to allow smoother business operations. Talk to our expert and know more about Digital Workplace and how it can be implemented.