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Over the years IT outsourcing industry has experienced sustained growth, with companies requiring more cost-efficient scalable solutions for the ever-growing technological needs and tech talent gaps. Remarkably, the number of mobile phone users in 2019 is 5.112 billion, up 2% to the past year, according to the 2019 Global Digital report. It gives huge opportunities for business growth and huge demand for Software development services.

According to Statista, IT services spending in 2020 is expected to exceed to amount of 2.32 trillion U.S. dollars. IT services covers the wide variety of professional services that are involved in the planning,management, and operation of IT processes, systems, software,and equipment.

Nevertheless if you are an owner of the idea, product, startup, agency or even development company, which want to scale up the business, this list will help you to make a final decision on tough choice between IT companies.

This Top-20 was made according to such characteristics of companies as Team Strength, Transparency, Past History Work, Diversified Portfolio, Technical expertise, Strictly NDA Agreement as well as references and reviews at Goodfirms and Clutch.

  1. Bottle Rocket

Bottle Rocket provides such services as: strategy, creative, development, Quality Assurance, Maintenance & Support, Analytics, Project Management, Account Management, Platform Solutions. But the main direction of the company is still developing of mobile phone applications for iOS, iPad, Android.

Pricing: $200 – $300/hr
Location: United States
Employees: 50- 250
Founded: 2008
Website: https://www.bottlerocketstudios.com/

  1. Accenture

Accenture is one the most popular companies, which provides services in digital, technology, operations and consulting. Moreover, the company ranks No. 1 on the Thomson Reuters Diversity & Inclusion Index, which recognizes the 100 most diverse and inclusive workplaces in the world, that’s why young people from all over the world find the opportunity to work in Accenture as a great chance of career path.

Location: Ireland
Employees: 469 000
Founded: 1989
Website: https://www.accenture.com/

  1. ESKADENIA Software

The company is providing software solutions, focuses mainly on education, healthcare, insurance, telecommunications and entreprise. When creating a company in 2000, the main idea of the Eskadenia was to establish a world-renowned software development company providing distinguished software systems. ESKADENIA Software is a CMMI® level 3 certified company, that gives total transparency to the customers. It has branches in Jordan, UAE, and Sweden.

Pricing: $300+/hr
Location: United Arab Emirates
Employees: 50 – 249
Founded: 2000
Website: http://www.eskadenia.ae/

  1. FortySeven Software Professionals

FortySeven Software Professionals is a leading European based IT consulting, outstaffing and full-cycle software development company. Its’ HQ is in London, United Kingdom, and offices in Riga and Minsk. FortySeven is compliant with ISO 27001, ISO 90001 and transfers the Intellectual Property Rights. Company is providing such services as: Software Development, DevOps, Operations and maintenance, QA, Outstaffing, Outsourcing, Audit and Consulting, outstaffing and augmenting development capacities by highly educated IT specialists with various expertise and skills. FortySeven Software Professionals has a significant experience working in regulated markets, providing services for Fortune 500 companies, banking and fintech industry (PCI DSS compliance), as well as to the state oil and gas companies (ERP). Various cooperation models are well-adapted to projects of any size and complexity.

Pricing: $30 – $100/hr
Location: London, United Kingdom; Minsk, Belarus; Riga, Latvia
Employees: 300+
Founded: 2008
Website: https://fortyseven47.com/

  1. KitelyTech

The KitelyTech provides the full spectrum of software services, including: Web Design, Web Development, eCommerce Design & Development, Mobile Applications Development and more. It’s not a big company, but significant is that among the customers there are such brands as Discovery, Rolls-Royce, British Land, Periscope.

Pricing: $100 – $149/hr
Location: United States
Employees: 10 – 49
Founded: 2008
Website: http://kitelytech.com/

  1. Deloitte

Deloitte is known as a traditional and old company, that mainly provides such services as audit, consulting, financial advisory, risk management and more. The company often receives awards as the best place to work. The last award showed, that it’s number 1 on Careers & the DisABLED magazine’s Top 50 employers list.

Location: 146 countries, founded in UK
Employees: 286,200
Founded: 1845
Website: https://www2.deloitte.com/global/en.html

  1. EPAM

EPAM Systems, Inc. (NYSE: EPAM) is a strong orientated company with several offices around the world. Remarkable is that it was founded as EPAM by Belarus natives Arkadiy Dobkin and Leo Lozner in Minsk, Belarus in 1993. The company is providing the most common software services. They work mostly using Agile methodology.

Pricing: $100 – $149/hr
Location: USA, China
Employees: 25 962
Founded: 1993
Website: https://www.epam.com/

  1. Fujitsu

Fujitsu is mostly known as a brand which is making computers, printers, but at the same time it has a deep expertise providing of software solutions. The company works for both public and private sector customers. It combines both: tradition and new way of thinking to help the clients to get the best result with the help of new technologies.

Location: Japan
Employees: 140 000
Founded: 1995
Website: http://www.fujitsu.com/global/

  1. Unleashed Technologies

Unleashed Technologies is an american company, which provides such services as: Web Management, Web Design & Theming, Web Development, Progressive Web Applications, eCommerce, Digital Strategy, Web Hosting. The main focus of the company is to make a website for the company, that will make profit for the company owners.

Pricing: $150 – $199/hr
Location: United States
Employees: 10 – 49
Founded: 2007
Website: https://www.unleashed-technologies.com/

  1. TechMD

TechMed is an award-winning IT solution company, mostly specializes in cloud solutions, cybersecurity, consulting, and managed services. They have more than 7 000 clients.

Pricing: $150 – $199 / hr
Location: South Coast Metro, CA
Employees: 50- 250
Founded: 2003
Website: https://www.techmd.com/

  1. Switchfast Technologies

Switchfast Technologies is an IT consulting and Managed Services Provider (MSP) based in Chicago. Since the 2001 it has earned 93 total IT certificates. The company provides IT services mostly for small businesses.

Pricing: $150 – $199 / hr
Location: Chicago, United States
Employees: 50- 250
Founded: 2001
Website: https://www.switchfast.com/

  1. Sunflower Lab

Sunflower Lab is an US-based IT company. It has been verified by Clutch in 2018 as a top mobile app developer of the United States. The company provides such services as custom software, mobile and web applications, IoT solutions, Alexa skill, Google Actions, AR/VR app and cloud migrations/management.

Pricing: $50 – $99/hr
Location: United States
Employees: 50- 250
Founded: 2010
Website: https://www.thesunflowerlab.com/

  1. Clarion Technology

Clarion Technology provides IT services for full development processes of the client’s companies. They specializes in Web Application Development, Content Management Systems, Rich Internet Applications, Ecommerce, Cloud, Mobility, Software Testing and Internet of Things. The company has been named as a 2018 Global Leader in software development segment by Clutch.

Pricing: $25 – $49/hr
Location: United States
Employees: 50- 250
Founded: 2000
Website: https://www.clariontech.com/

  1. MojoTech

The story of MojoTech began in 1999, since that time the company was building web and mobile apps. But as a brand of MojoTech, as an engineering firm it started the business in 2008. The company has completed more than 150 projects, it includes not only the engineers and developers, but also scientists from NASA and the U.S. Navy.

Pricing: $150 – $199 / hr
Location: United States
Employees: 10-49
Founded: 2008
Website: https://www.mojotech.com/

  1. Induji Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Induji Technologies is quite successful outsourcing company with developers from India. The company is providing such services as: Web Application Development, Digital Marketing, Payment System Integration, Business Consultancy, Maintenance and Support.

Pricing: $25/hr
Location: India
Employees: 10 – 49
Founded: 2016
Website: http://www.indujitechnologies.com/

  1. Intellectsoft

Intellectsoft is also a full-cycle software development company, with main focus on digital transformation. The core expertise of the developers of the company is Blockchain, IoT, XR, AI UX. The company was recognized as a Global Leader in software engineering according to Clutch.

Pricing: $50 – $99/hr
Location: United States, UK
Employees: 250 – 999
Founded: 2007
Website: https://www.intellectsoft.net/

  1. Sphinx Solutions

The main services of the company are: Mobile App Development, Custom Software Development, Blockchain and ICO Development, Chatbot, UI&UX Design, Web Design, Digital Marketing. Significant part of their clients are founders of projects in Blockchain and ICO spheres.

Pricing: $25 – $49/hr
Location: India, United States
Employees: 50 – 249
Founded: 2010
Website: https://www.sphinx-solution.com/

  1. Netguru

Netguru, among the whole list, is a Polish company, that offers such services as: Web and Mobile Development, UI/UX, E-commerce services. They have quite large, but not so extensive expertise as others companies in the list, for example, among their web developers are people who are good at Ruby on Rails, Front-End, React, Node.js, Python Developer. And among mobile developers: Android, iOS Developer and React Native specialists.

Pricing: $50 – $99/hr
Location: Poland
Employees: 250 – 999
Founded: 2008
Website: https://www.netguru.com/

  1. Softvision

Softvision is a large, half US and Romanian software company, mainly offering such services as: Product Development, DevOps, Software Engineering, Intelligent Automation, Data and others. Among their partners are such well-known brands as Estée Lauder, Groupon, Goldman Sachs, Macy’s, Mozilla, Neiman Marcus, among many others.

Pricing: $50 – $99/hr
Location: United States, Romania
Employees: 1,000 – 9,999
Founded: 1994
Website: https://www.softvision.com/

  1. Fiducial

Fiducial is a company with history, the most ‘old’ among this list. It core expertise is in the fields of financial, business, tax services and technology solutions. They have various clients, but mostly are helping individuals, small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Location: United States, France
Employees: 11,040
Founded: 1970
Website: https://www.fiducial.com/