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What is the best way to raise customer satisfaction? Almost every company asks themselves this question, for it is at the heart of every successful relationship. It is difficult to stay on top of all the various channels, digital tools, and social media to provide seamless cross-channel support.

In the Salesforce AppExchange, you will find an array of convenient apps that will help you deliver outstanding customer service directly from your  Salesforce solution.

B2B technology platform Salesforce AppExchange provides amazing B2B capabilities. Consequently, if you are a Salesforce developer,  your solutions should be listed there.

The AppExchange has thousands of solutions for a variety of industries and problems. More than 6.5 million apps have been downloaded from AppExchange, which is used by 80% of Salesforce customers.

Salesforce is a powerful and revered customer relationship management (CRM) platform, but with its standard functionality, it cannot meet all customer needs. However, with literally thousands of plug-ins and apps on Salesforce AppExchange (their app store), it’s hard to tell which apps actually help and which are just a waste of time.

What is the Salesforce AppExchange app?

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Salesforce is a cloud-based software that helps marketers and sales professionals organize their activities. Customer relationship management is a popular option. Based in California, US, it has 68 branches in 28 countries all over the world.  

This software was initially created in 1990, as Software as a Service (SaaS). In this manner, the app’s sales would be increased without a need to continuously upgrade, maintain, and set up the app. Businesses have been able to save millions of dollars that come with managing hardware infrastructure and software installation. 

Salesforce is quite easy to implement. By switching to cloud computing, the associated costs were further reduced. As a result, this software became even more popular.

Why Get A Salesforce App?

Salesforce has been tweaking and refining its system for more than 20 years, which is why it is so popular today. Although the core capabilities are strong, users clamor for a few additional features. Salesforce itself may not be able to add them, but in 2005, they came up with a solution: the AppExchange.

How many apps are there in AppExchange?

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Salesforce’s AppExchange is a store of third-party apps where developers can release extensions, plug-ins, and other apps that address specific concerns of users. Salesforce apps are becoming quite popular among Salesforce customers, with a large number of them using them already. 

Over 3,000 apps are available on AppExchange today.  It’s very handy that AppExchange apps are only installed on one Salesforce instance per installation. This allows you to run extended tests and training on a new app in a sandbox instance before deploying it in production. Business users can choose from a wide range of social, mobile, and cloud-based apps on this platform. According to last year’s statistics, there were almost 3.5 thousand apps and 6 million downloads.

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What are the 3 most popular applications on AppExchange and what kinds of processes do they support?

I am going to share with you the all-time three best apps from the Appexchange, as previously discussed in our quick review article. With these top 3 salesforce sales cloud apps, you can keep up with changing customer requirements. 

To help you stay on top of the sales cloud app trends, we have selected the top 3 apps based on customer responses.

Top 3 Salesforce Sales Cloud Apps On AppExchange: A Quick Overview - 2024 - 21

1.   SMS – Magic:

With SMS-Magic, you can send text messages omnichannel. Businesses can successfully communicate with customers using different channels with the help of this great tool. 

With the app, you can receive and manage messages from Facebook, SMS, and WhatsApp all in one place. There are intuitive alerts to new conversations, simple worklists, auto-response templates, and 360-degree lead conversation history. 

It also assigns conversations to sales executives or sales teams based on routing rules and automation processes and sends a personalized first response to new opportunities as soon as they arise. SMS Magic starts at $9 USD.

Top 3 Salesforce Sales Cloud Apps On AppExchange: A Quick Overview - 2024 - 23

2.   DocuSign

To create a list of the top 3 apps on the AppExchange and not include DocuSign wouldn’t be fair. DocuSign, Inc. released this app in 2010. It provides its users with eSignature services. 

The software allows customers to sign and send contracts via several portals and devices without having to scan, photocopy, or print anything. 

The whole process of document signing is streamlined, which saves the sales representative’s time. At the time of writing, DocuSign is used by more than 500,000 companies. Salesforce is one of the leading apps because of this. This app costs you $12 a month, which you have to pay annually. Also, non-profit organizations can use the software for 30 days without paying a single penny. 

App Features:

●      Send and sign contracts from anywhere

●      Create agreements automatically with a few clicks

●      Automate workflows and contracts

●      Track the status of your contracts easily

●      CRM integration allows you to access all customer agreements

Top 3 Salesforce Sales Cloud Apps On AppExchange: A Quick Overview - 2024 - 25

3.   Cirrus Insight

Would you like a powerful tool that does it all? Cirrus Insight may be the Salesforce app you’re looking for. Cirrus Insight is essential for any sales rep who wants to maximize their time.

With this Salesforce integration, your Outlook, Office 365, and Gmail emails will automatically be logged in Salesforce, so you can focus on prospecting, meeting clients, and closing deals.

It also has tons of other incredible features like supercharging your email inbox with Salesforce integration, one-click calendar sharing, email and web visitor tracking for better prospecting, and timely insights and reports on customer behavior and sales activity.

App Features:

●      Automated synchronization of Calendar, Email, Tasks, and Contacts

●      Keep track of email engagements, link opens, and website visits 

●      Create follow-up tasks and reminders

●      Integrates with Outlook, Gmail, and Office 365 

●      Salesforce customer information and opportunities are easily accessible via the side panel

●      Find high-probability opportunities in your email inbox based on customer insights and behavior

●      Supports Outlook Mobile on iOS & Android with Mobile Inbox + Salesforce

●      Salesforce editions supported include Industry Cloud, Service Cloud, Community Cloud, Sales Cloud, Financial Services Cloud.

Top 3 Salesforce Sales Cloud Apps On AppExchange: A Quick Overview - 2024 - 27


I hope you find this collection useful in determining which help center app is best suited to your company’s needs. Salesforce helps companies deliver exceptional customer service. As consumers increasingly demand speedier, more convenient, and cross-channel support, it’s critical for all companies to use solutions like Salesforce and integrations and apps that will provide their customers with the support they want.

You can increase the customer experience and lead generation and much more with Salesforce AppExchange plugins. This will help you optimize your company’s internal processes, boost collaboration between marketing and sales teams and improve the customer experience and lead generation. Talk to our expert and know how we can help you in Salesforce implementation.