Personal App for Clients of Pension Fund or Bank


Whether it's banks or pension funds, people sometimes need quick access to their contracts and agreements. Implementing a mobile app on your website has overwhelming value for your clients to manage their accounts. If your clients are on the go without their laptop and they need to perform some key account features on their accounts (for example, request balance verification), a mobile app with a reduced set of features is always available and saves time. The Personal Account is a local mobile application developed by our team and serves precisely this purpose.

The features included:

  • We have focused on providing the user with the essential functions of the application they need on a mobile phone
  • Initially, the FortySeven mobile app development team devised the solution for a pension fund. Over time, we customized the Personal Account for bank clients to make banking transactions straightforward
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To enable the provision of fast and convenient information, we carefully design UX and UI elements and tailor the user interface to mobile devices. Support by contacting the server to get all the relevant information, from account details to news updates, and choosing an office in a convenient location.

FortySeven - Personal App for Clients of Pension Fund or Bank


Given that the main objective has been to identify the most popular features for mobile devices and avoid a large number of elements, we reduce the application features to:

  • Choose any transaction and view your status or pension payment details
  • Check balance or account statements
  • Track money transfer and find an agreement from a list
  • Keep up to date with the latest news. This features will be used to notify the users if there is an important update like increase or decrease in price, organizations terms and conditions, or any changes to the company privacy policy
  • To contact an office or find an office nearest branch. If personal account users are required to provide documents, the Personal Account App will direct them to the office location. If necessary, users can also communicate directly with the office

The Personal Account application allows clients of pension funds or banks to access their accounts and the primary account functions efficiently. The personal account app is a solution for original mobile applications that can reduce the cost of time searching for data and provide its users with all the necessary financial information. The app works on Android and iOS devices.