Mobile App for Items Inventorying


What if there are thousands of items in stock and their full inventory is demanded? FortySeven' mobile app development team provided a solution which simplified and accelerated this process dramatically. Thanks to the easy-to-use cross-platform mobile app, far less time is needed for checking the lists of goods and pointing out whether the item has been checked or not.

The features included:

  • Inventory Mobile Tool consists of one screen which displays a list of objects waiting for stocktaking
  • The app works like a reminder for an employee who is responsible for inventory process — it shows him/her which items are checked and where they are located
  •  Finding the item by its name, ID, room, or description takes a couple of seconds as Inventory Mobile Tool includes a search box as well
  • An app’s user can pick out the object by scanning a barcode or QR code
Consumer Goods and Services
Mobile Application Development, Cross-platform Apps
Mobile, Apache Cordova, HTML5, jQuery Mobile, Android, iOS


As our customer wanted the app to run on several platforms, we fulfilled the requirement using Cordova in order to contribute to the app’s cross-platform nature. All data about the items is received from the server.


To facilitate tracking of items within a company, our team created Inventory Mobile Tool — a cross-platform mobile app that works equally well for both platforms and saves much time on inventory. The features includes:

  • To keep track of the objects already checked while inventorying
  • Designing custom postcard templates is available
  • To be aware of the status of a particular item using its search by name, ID number, room number, or short summary
  • To find the object of interest in the extensive list of all items through barcode/QR code scanning

Inventory Mobile Tool is a cross-platform mobile app for iOS and Android that makes an inventory procedure easier.